Of Election Fever & Orh Luak

Long time no blog since my last food review entry and SG50 entries thanks to a busy schedule peppered with many distractions along the way.

Life has been fast paced. Almost immediately after National Day (SG50) celebrations now comes General Election. The 2nd time I’m voting since GE2011 (back in year 2011 May).

Had intended to post this way earlier but only doing so now as yesterday was Cooling Day (to keep with the spirit of Cooling Day, no election related posts). Not going into personal thoughts and reflections proper …… but a notable soundbite of this General Elections was orh luak …… which all began with this particular orh luak from Bedok 85 market!

With a further follow-up!

Thus in the season of Orh Luak politics, I got to have my customary plate of Orh Luak!


I seldom/try not to eat orh luak that often as it is high in starch & calories. Ended up having this at the Bedok 85 branch @ Kovan Food Centre. Was in Kovan area that particular day and had planned to have orh luak there (since Kovan area itself has a few good orh luak :P). Originally planned to check out this legendary Simon Road Oyster Omelette as recommened on ieatishootipost …… but since it was a pretty long walk across to the end of Simon Road from Heartland Mall, settled for my usual fix at Kovan instead.

Not as good as the last time I had it, as it was rather cold, and less crispy as usual. But more important, in the spirit of elections, I had my orh luak craving satisfied 🙂


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