Towards A Better & Improved Work Environment

Have been feeling rather uneasy about my work environment lately ….. Or rather more specifically my office work space!

The ‘pantang’ in me says the fengshui is off. While the table orientation and layout is fixed and NOT within my control …… the common sense approach will be to clear it of CLUTTER to enhable more qi and positive energy to flow through.

And so it became a personal project of mine to clear up the table to make it more conducive for working. Saturday’s will be the best time to do it, with minimal disruptions and distractions ….. and so made it a point to go back office for the past 2 weekends to do so. And MORE IMPORTANTLY, wanted to get this done before my upcoming 2 week holiday trip!

Before Clearing. Too many papers taking up too much space, barely leaving any room for my laptop!


Minor clear up on the left. Did it 2 Sundays ago after lunch with L & Z in town.


A bigger clear up just last Saturday.


Major thing is that I removed the papers originally on the right side, and re-organized it all one pile on the left side :P. At least the right side is clutter free (for now) ….. and I have a tiny space to lay out my papers to do some writing (if need be).

There’s still a lot of stuff on the left side.. Realized on Saturday also that I will probably need to re-scan some stuff (the files in the pedestal and locker), bring home/throw some more stuff in order to make more space …… and eventually making the desk CLUTTER FREE (the ultimate end goal!). This will have to wait till December post-trip.


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