Post Holiday

Was busy trying to put in as much work/business as possible before my 11 day long awaited holiday trip to Japan during the 1st 2 weeks of November., thus the lack of entries.

Had optimistically thought I will FINALLY have the time during holiday/break to catch up on blogging and back-dated readings, only to end up being not in the state of mind to do so (holiday mood after all :P) ……

Anyway, it has been EXACTLY 1 week (from 14th November) since I’m back from vacation, and it has been rather challenging to get back into a workable and sustainable routine/daily schedule ……  as the changes I intend to make post hols have been far from easy, and will need some time to be ingrained into HABITS.

Such as getting back my regular sleeping patterns again. Holidays are great as we usually slept relatively early (latest by midnight) and got out of bed by 0730 to 0800 easily. However with the heat and humidity back in Singapore, it has been a lot more challenging. 0900 to 0930 has been the best I could manage so far this week. A good sleep and wake up routine is important to manage my energy, thus need to improve a lot more on this in the coming week!

And immediately after I got back to Singapore, of all things pulled a calf muscle on my upper left leg. Felt that strain in the leg especially when I got back to office on Tuesday (sitting posture was stiff due to the calendars right below my seat). Thank goodness it got better …… and I was able to restart my exercise routine with my regular Thursday spin class.

Similarly trying to get back into a good work rhythm as well. A lot of energy has been spent on numerous underwriting follow ups and appeals since my return, as versus to actually working on activities that will help me to grow my business. Like for instance to get the estate planning / will writing aspect going FASTER than the current dormant state it is right now. Plus also getting back to regular client reviews, more initiated touch-base activities for closer engagement in today’s competitive landscape.

And hope to blog more regularly! As with all habits, if you do not do something often enough …… you will end up getting rusty. Its much harder to blog/write these days as I’m blogging a lot lesser, as over time, it has become lesser of a habit to do so. I don’t think I have the time and energy to blog detailed travel entries for this latest trip …… but maybe my travel entries will most likely be more of a highlight/picture format instead.

And yes, no specific plans on where to go for my next holiday as I have decided to leave that to chance and opportunity …… rather than specifically target/plan. But do hope to go somewhere else other than that of Japan (unless the opportunity to visit Hokkaido comes up with the introduction of the Hokkaido Shinkansen in March 2016 next year). But yes, I do miss the cool weather that I have enjoyed during my 11 days holiday this year. Cool weather and clean air has become such a precious commodity after having to bear the effects of haze throughout September and October.


** Karuizawa was where we enjoyed the coolest (10 degrees – which was also the coldest we experienced as Karuizawa is located at the edge of the Nagano mountains) ….. and cleanest air. Will love to be back for a longer stay next time round!


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