Yet Another Dream Intepretation

This dream I had in the wee hours of the morning made me go back to sleep. Ended up getting up past 930am ….. which is way past my targetted wake up time (830am) :S

Anyway the dream was actually about being back in Tokyo for yet …. another holiday! Quite the irony considering that it has already been 1 week back in Singapore from hols in …… Japan!

Pretty weird to be dreaming of a holiday after returning from one. And so the 1st thing I did is to call up google, and google for the dream dictionary once again.

From Psychic Relevation:

Dreaming of a holiday (especially when you don’t have one planned) is usually a blunt message that you need to take a break. This is true whether you are employed in a job or simply at home looking after children or running the household.

Everyone needs to take a timeout occasionally to recharge their batteries so to speak. It’s a very important aspect of life. This is particularly true in countries where workers have very little in the way of mandatory rights such as the US.

Most likely it is the weariness and frustration from the unsatisfactory progress I am feeling post hols …… as versus to the relaxed state of mind I was in while on holidays!

And of course, in a good way, it may mean my next long holiday destination will still likely to be Japan ….. although the above is the more likely interpretation given that dreams usually represent a part of our sub-consciousness.



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