Japan 2015: Yokohama Reminiscence Part 2

Back to Minato Mirai area after lunch. Nice day with clear blue skies 🙂


The Nippon Maru museum ship docked right in the Yokohama Harbour, in the Nippon Maru Memorial Park.

2015-12-08 14.38.55

A walk down Kishamichi Promenade again, whilst taking in the familar sights (Minato Mirai waterfront, entrance to Navios Yokohama Hotel) ……


2015-12-08 14.42.15

Our planned destination next was the Cup Noodle Museum, where we were very much looking forward to joining the cup noodle making workshop and make our very own customised cup noodle. Alas, major disappointment! It was CLOSED the moment we reached the entrance!



We felt puzzled why it was closed (when their official website clearly states their regular closing day is actually Tuesday). Googled and realised the day before (3 November) was a public holiday (i.e. Culture Day) ….. thus the day after the public holiday is a rest day for the museum …… that’s why! No wonder the surrounding streets felt really empty. Whilst doing the itinerary planning, I overlooked the public holidays aspect (will definitely have put the museum visit on a Thursday or Friday instead of Wed and tweaked the overall itinerary in Kanagawa a bit). Sigh …. major disappointment!

Have to quickly regroup now that the original ‘perfect’ plan has gone somewhat awry. So we decided to walk further down the road to Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse / Akarenga Soko. Before starting our walk down ….. here’s a snapshot of Yokohama’s iconic Cosmo World Ferris Wheel – which is right opposite the Cup Noodle Museum itself ……


Revisiting the Red Brick Warehouse again for the 3rd time. 1st time visiting it in broad daylight though 😛


Didn’t snap too much pictures of the Red Brick Warehouse this time round. Decided to make full use of our Minato Burari Wide Ticket (which includes 1 day access to the Yokohama Blue Subway Line, Municipal Buses and the Akaikutsu Tourist Loop Bus) ….. and took the bus to Motomachi area next!

Motomachi Shopping Street – a European style high end shopping street which intially served the 1st foreign residents of Yokohama and brought in many products into Japan. Spotted the flagship Star Jewelry store but didn’t see the cafe …… otherwise would have stopped by for a drink/snack. Only walked 3 blocks (from 5th chrome to 3rd chrome) and the shops were more or less the same, so left after that!

2015-12-25 23.11.50

Then a short bus to Harbour View Park next. The park itself (within the Yamate Area) is on top of a forested area further north of Motomachi. Didn’t manage to take too much pictures as I was trying to conserve the camera battery for the later part of the itinerary at Osanbashi Pier. There is a lookout area where you get a gorgeous full view of the Yokohama Bay Bridge and the surrounding ocean and full view of Yokohama port!

2015-12-25 23.14.22

And finally to Osanbashi Pier – the key place for gorgeous sunset/golden hour views!

2015-12-28 14.38.38

2015-12-28 14.46.38

The unique wooden floor boards that resemble rolling waves. The terminal is constructed in such a way that there are plenty of open spaces on top for the public to look out to unobstructed views of the Minato Mirai skyline …… as well as for a walk, or like us, just simply chill and enjoy the cool weather and beautiful sunset views.


Walked one round around the pier …… one side faces out to Minato Mirai where you can spot the Red Brick Warehouse, Landmark Tower, Cosmo World Ferris Wheel, The Distinctive Curve-Shaped Intercontinental Hotel …… while the other side looks out to the Yokohama Bay Bridge.


As the sun starts to really set (from around 1630 Hrs onwards), we were also lucky enough to spot Mount Fuji in the distance!



One last look at the Minato Mirai Skyline before we leave the pier.



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