Food Mission 2015: Berg

Am rather behind in my travel entries section so jumping the gun slightly to highlight a somewhat under-rated gem that I discovered in my last Japan trip.

The plan (on our 2nd last day of trip back in Tokyo) was to head to Shinjuku in the morning for some shopping. Thus we decided to have breakfast in Shinjuku (as versus to in Shibuya where we are staying at). Googled a bit and saw that Berg had quite decent reviews on Tripadvisor, and is conveniently located within Shinjuku Station itself. So off we went ……

Berg is located at the Lumine EST , at the East exit of Shinjuku Station (which itself is atsoundingly HUGE). Managed to finally locate the place (at a corner of the Lumine EST stretch of shops/restaurants on B1) after walkng to and fro for a good 5 to 10 min around the East exit.

2016-01-17 12.09.23.jpg

True to form, based on some of the reviews online that I havve googled, Berg is a small, fast food coffee shop concept joint (the intended target crowd will probably be the salary men and women who commute through Shinjuku everyday).



The interior is very Showa-style, with bar counters right at the cashier, small/narrow seating spaces, and even a standing corner as well.

2016-01-17 14.40.01

Plus a very busy counter, cashier and kitchen (right behind the counter) all cramped together. Lots of colourful pictures and posters and the menu itself is pretty self-explaintory despite the lack of English 😛


Very extensive menu and lots of choices to choose from. They even serve draft beer early in the morning too …… and its really cheap at 300 JPY! There’s also a sausages set to go with the beer as well. But our intent was to have breakfast (together with the much needed morning coffee) …… so we eventually opted for the 450 JPY breakfast set that comes with a toast, beans, salad, bacon, potato salad and hot coffee.

Not only is it a very healthy and filling breakfast, it is also a cheap, value-for-money breakfast deal for 450 JPY only! Definitely an unexpected, best find this trip!


One last tidbit, apart from serving draft beer at the counter, Berg also has other types of beer and some other memorabilia for sale (displayed on a self at the main entrance). Pretty amazing at the way they manage to pack so many items and stuff (and seating/standing areas) into this small space.

You must definitely check out Berg if you are in the Shinjuku Station vicinity.


Berg                                                                                                                                                                      3-38-1 Shinjuku, Lumine EST B1, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 0700Hrs To 2300 Hrs Daily





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