Japan 2015: Enoshima & Kamakura Highlights Part 3

Leaving the Iwaya Caves and going 1 round back to the main streets of Enoshima (where we 1st started the walking trail).

Stopped outside the entrance to the Sea Candle for a short break, as well as to quene for this Jellyfish Rice Cracker / Senbei that is unique to Enoshima!

2016-03-06 18.31.24

Continuing the walk back to the main streets ……

2016-03-06 19.25.45

Finally walked past Tobicco – the famous restaurant that serves the Shirasu-Don (seafood with fresh whitebait) unique to Enoshima and Shonan region.

2016-03-06 19.45.09

The quene outside the restaurant was pretty long, or else we could have taken a late lunch there, or even pack their signature Shirasu Kakigae (Whitebait Fritters – probably good for people who don’t take raw food). The menu on their website looks mouth-watering though 😛

Since their main outlet is located along the main street just after the entrance to the island, we decided to just get back to the long bridge (where we came from) and get back to mainland proper.

As sis wasn’t keen to visit the Enoshima Aquarium and look see at the surrounding beaches (its another 10 min walk from the island entrance), we thus concluded our day trip to Enoshima – which took just half day! Hope to come back to the aquarium one day (should I get a chance to do another day trip to Enoshima) + also enjoy another relaxing/chilled out day in Enoshima!

Googled and came across a famous soba restaurant (can’t remember why I ended up googling for food options in Kamakura) …… and so we decided to stop at Kamakura to hunt down this soba restuarant called Nakamura An (The Soba Shop).

2016-03-06 20.33.45

Managed to locate the place with the help of google maps after a couple of twists and turns from Kamakura Station. It was no longer crowded, as it was a super late lunch for us at 330-4pm.

2016-03-06 20.34.49

Not a very big restaurant, and pretty old school interior as well (considering that they are one of the oldest and most established soba shops founded in Showa 39 Years – which is like in 1964!)


I ordered a cold soba noodles with tempura (1350 JPY) while sis elected to have a hot Kake Soba (750 JPY). The portions are well worth the price, and the cold soba noodles were really firm, and refreshing! The pretty ‘leaf’ accompanying my lone tempura prawn made my set look aesthetically pretty as well 😛

Happy to have the opportunity to dine at this well-established soba place!

After being done with late lunch, we headed back on the Enoden …… 2 stops to Yuigahama Station to our next destination – Inamuragasaki.

Inamuragasaki was one particular place that I put down as a ‘must-visit’ as Inamuragasaki Park (right at the end of the beach) is well-known to be able to spot Mount Fuji (on a clear day), as well as to enjoy gorgeous sunset views. We reached around 1615 hrs after our late lunch …. some time to spare before the sun starts setting from 1630 hrs onwards.

Nice and blue as we go past the beach to the park.


Inamuragasaki Park.  You can see a crowd of people gathering at the tip waiting for sunset (with cameras in tow).

2016-03-09 12.18.36

As the sun starts to set …… On the top left photo, we can see Enoshima Island (and the iconic Sea Candle) in the distance, as well as a very faint shot of Mount Fuji (didn’t catch it when I was there, only saw it now as I’m compiling the photos for this blog entry).

2016-03-09 12.26.32

The flare from the setting sun ……


Finally around 1640Hrs, we come close to the ‘Golden Hour’ ……


And here’s the beautiful end to our day trip to Enoshima and Kamakura as we make our way back to the train station.



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