Today is officially start of a new month & new quarter (Q2) …… and also April Fool’s Day! No other better way to commenrate April Fool’s by writing a blog entry 😛

To sum up 1st quarter of 2016 that has just passed, I must say that I have never done so much decluttering / throwing away stuff before in my life. Like I was sharing with a friend just the other day, have been throwing things since end Jan …… starting from office (where we had to do the table swap) …… then some last minute pre-CNY throwing at home ….. then more decluttering post CNY (both physical stuff + digital – data & emails) as part of 30DLBL task …… and more throwing back again at office since mid-March due to team transfer and re-organization.

And this is NOT counting decluttering out my wabrobe (the last time I did it was in year 2013, intend to do another round again some time in the future). Ha!


The usual once-a-year pre CNY clearance. Could have thrown out more stuff if not for the food poisoning that got me down right before CNY.


The above is probably only the ‘tip’ of the ice-berg where office clearing is concerned. Due to table swap, kept away the rainbow calligraphy which I NOW believe has affected my energy flow (resulting in food poisoning and many obstacles at work post CNY) …… and finally clearing out the ‘temp’ desk before my BIG move down to level 8 over the Good Friday weekend. Believe this seat has bad fengshui, so glad to see the back of it!


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