Spring Reset

That brings to mind what I had originally intended to blog the last time round – essentially my visit to Gardens By The Bay for the Sakura Matsuri cherry blossoms display.

This came timely since my plans to do a Sakura trip to Japan didn’t work out due to various reasons. And in a way, I still get to ‘sort off’ tick this item off my intentions list for year 2018. More importantly, a break from the stifling and the downs of my still toxic work environment, ‘smell the flowers’ and get inspired again 🙂

Given that the display happens primarily in Flower Dome, decided to get tickets just for that alone as I have already visited Cloud Forest before. Googled and noted that there’s a further 10% discount if tickets are purchased online on the Gardens By The Bay website – and so that’s sweet!

I shall let the pictures do the ‘talking’ next!

The sakura-adorned entrance to the Flower Dome

A brief description of the different types of sakura.

Came across this sculpture while 1/4 way through the entire sakura display. Don’t recall seeing this in my last visit, hmmm ……

The next major part of the display – sakura garden with miniature Japanese dolls

More Sakura Details before coming to the end of the display with yet another garden exhibit.

Left Flower Dome / Gardens By The Bay around 6 to this view.  Not yet sunset time, but still nice to be able to capture this on a clear day.

The irony of this post that I only managed to complete it a good 1 month from my 1st draft back in May, and now we are into the summer solstice season.


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