Another Dream Interpretation

Decided to log this down before the week comes to a close. Also, we are officially into September now!

Started off the week with a dream. It has been a while since a dream came to me in my sleep. First thing I did upon waking up is to log it down on my Insta-stories ……






















Its the first time that I actually dreamt of doing a yoga pose, considering that my previous dreams were more about dealing with loss, sense of identity etc.

Didn’t think too much of it until I decided to google for a dream interpretation later in the day, and a couple of results turned up.

Dreammoods – Splits

To dream that you are doing the splits signify some struggle or division within your social circle. There is some disagreement and dissension that needs to be addressed. The dream may also be a pun to “split”, as in to leave or get out of a situation. Perhaps, the dream is telling you to go.

We Know Your Dreams – Yoga

Yoga represents peacefulness, calmness, inner happiness, internal peace, higher self, connecting with the Divine Spirit, power and relief from stress. 

Dreaming of Yoga may mean that your conscience is trying to tell you to take some time out for yourself because when you do Yoga, you connect with yourself. Solutions to all your problems exist within you. you’ve got to meditate to connect with your soul. 

Female First – Yoga

To dream about doing yoga is indicative of a balance and harmony to your life right now or perhaps a need for a calmer you.

It can mean that you are stressed or overwhelmed by something in your working or home life and need to take some time out to breathe and think. This could be about something small in your immediate future or something on a larger scale that will affect you much more profoundly.

On the flipside, perhaps you have finally found some relief after a particularly stressful time and you are trying to recuperate.

Dreaming about yoga could be a hint from your subconscious that it’s time to expand your abilities. Perhaps you don’t feel stretched enough at work or at home and need to do something new and different.

You may feel there’s been some imbalance within yourself recently, which has caused you some inner tension. Maybe you have finally realigned your thoughts or perhaps you still need to do so.

From the above excerpts – some common themes include

  • Struggle and division in my social circle, disagreement and dissension that needs to be addressed. Speaking of which, L broke silence and contacted me again, because he/she needed help on something. We will see how the situation goes but keeping silent and sweeping past issues under the carpet IS NOT an option anymore.
  • To leave / get out of a situation. After the terrible slump starting from March this year, some changes to my work environment will need to be made, sooner or later. Have yet to see any light at the end of the tunnel though 😦
  • Taking time out to breathe and think + Recuperate. As much as my work allows for some degree of flexibility, day offs here & there DO NOT equate to a REAL BREAK out of the current environments that contributed to the toxic situation that I was facing (and still facing). Anyway I have finally booked in my planned Japan Trip for November, and immediately, I felt more peace after decision made and dates firmed 🙂
  • Time to expand my abilities. As per the 3rd excerpt, I definitely don’t feel stretched enough these days at work (a better word will be stagnating) but the situation is not so simple as needing to do something new and different. This is something I hope will come when the time is right.
  • Realigned my thoughts. Yes, finally came to a clearer resolution on this after feeling lost and being in slump for quite a while. Will write more about this next time.

Not so dream-related, but to add on to the part on expanding my abilities, in a yoga-asana context – this also means to keep working on my crow, headstand, shoulderstand, wheel pose (not practising it enough and so the need to reclaim the feel for it again) etc.

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