Feeling Like A Whale

My intended rant is not going to work so well on Instagram stories, and hence this space.

What happens when the very thing you need to to work on (i.e. Paperwork – the 1st and most fundamental step in business placement) is also the thing that leaves you with dread (and stress) …… which was what I was exactly feeling for the past 2 days.

Paperwork should be a happy thing right – as it means case closed and 1 step closer to actual implementation. In this case, I do not dread the idea of doing paperwork for case submission. Rather, what I really dread is the tedious process that is made worse by incompetency out of my control. I seriously wonder why the company does nothing to make our workflow better/more productive – think kaizen.

All this unhappiness/dis-satisfaction accumulated over time, plus that really bad experience with the business support peeps just back in March (the scar is still there) + the fact that I have to repeat the same lousy process again made me so tired and stressed (couldn’t sleep at all on Thursday night and so ended up waking up to continue working on it in order to finish it up to be able to meet the 330pm timeline today).

And so at the end of it all, after case is submitted up to business office (one small note: One of the applications is supposed to go direct to N*** due to change in form version. While I packed up & prepared to leave office a little after 5 – a call came in and got held up as a result. Will have to do it on Monday instead) …… I was completely tired out and drained. It didn’t help also that all that sitting down and staring at the computer resulted in my right hip feeling tight – which is such a bummer!

Short term solution – some writing to write off that frustration, much needed sleep.

Long term solution – what the heart already somewhat knows, which is to work on having another place to go to!

Next entry shall be a happier post 🙂

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