Still unable to get into a good writing flow for something that I was originally planning to write about. And so, decided to write about something random instead (in part to keep up the writing momentum that I’m slowly getting back).

Anyway I sort of came to a realisation last week …… on why I ain’t attending more yoga / barre classes as I would like to.  It’s not because I’m lazy / super busy (on the contrary, 1 to 1.5 hours is not that hard to squeeze out of a 16 hour cycle). Rather, the real reason being that I hate to lug my workout bag together with my work bag and laptop. Sounds quite silly but indeed, this is the key reason why I change my mind quite often about attending a yoga/barre class after time spent in the office / in between meetings.

So I guess I probably need to seriously start decluttering/lightening the load of my bags – so that I feel less resistant about having to bring along workout bag (in order to achieve my aim of doing more classes). Pretty amazing that clarity of thought can lead to clear realizations/conclusions to some of the questions/doubts that we have in our minds 🙂

Ironically, I am writing this from the comfort of my home, and most likely going direct from home for a yoga class later this evening (or may eventually cancel my mat due to potential increased travelling time). I have a good reason for this though – major MRT track fault this morning for the entire EW line, which means catching up on some work from home will make more sense.

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