I have 2 drafts waiting but haven’t been able to get into the writing mood and so here’s something random instead.

OK, as I write now, it is one day past my 3x birthday!

As usual, uneventful day. However this year, I decided to make it a point to do the things I want to do rather than just waste away the day.

And so I went ahead with lunchtime Power Class (yoga) as originally planned, followed by a lunch of my choice and did the foot massage that I didn’t manage to do last year on my birthday.

I was really glad that I got to work on my backbends (King Pigeon Pose was the peak pose) today in Power Class. My 3rd time doing this in class – thankful for the fact that this time round, there was significantly less crunching in the lower back, and despite some slight unevenness on the left hip, I did manage to breathe through through the chest and the extension was alright! Finally I feel more comfortable in King Pigeon Pose and getting the sense that I am working towards it correctly.

Of course backbends are also heart opening poses – which is something I need especially after my discussion with Z on my situation with L. While my body felt somewhat battered after Barre Class @ WeBarre last Friday, it took yet another Power Class to feel great again (in spite of not being able to flip the grip yet).

Shoulders were a bit tight upon waking up this morning, so I opted for a 30 min Foot, Neck & Shoulder Massage. The last 5 min on neck & shoulders helped quite a bit in alleviating the tension.

Had grand plans to continue working on some work stuff + trip planning (which was why I went for lunch class so as to free up some time in the evening to get these stuff done) …… only to end up watching random stuff on my iPad and Instagram-ing here & there 😛

I guess since its my 3x day – its ok to let go a bit and I don’t feel so bad since I managed to work a bit on Sunday night after dinner. Aside from work, will have to fit in some time to work on my trip planning ($$ portion & transport passes & portable wifi) as well.

As for my situation with L, will figure it out when the time is right and when the opportunity presents itself.

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