Unforseen Circumstances

Decided to get this entry in since I have declared myself an ‘out-of-office’ day for today 🙂 (there’s still work to do of course but I need fresher ‘air’)

There’s always a FIRST for everything I suppose. In my 2 years of yoga life (i.e. having done yoga for 2 years now) – there were a couple of times where I rushed in to class right within 3 to 5 minutes of grace period, and even that one time where I didn’t make it beyond 5 minutes (thanks to SMRT) and had 1 class docked off my package.

As updated here – I have recently signed up another studio package. Had originally planned to do a 75 min Power Class last Saturday afternoon, but after having not practiced for 3 days straight – my body (and to a certain extent my thought process) is paying (and still paying) the price for it. And so I decided that I wasn’t that up for a Power Class and that a Revitalise Class (yin-yang style) would make more sense given the state of my body and mind. And so I opted for Sunday 0930 Hrs class @ Chinatown as versus to 1400 Hrs class @ Arab Street (I actually wanted to try out this instructor’s class) as doing a 0930 Hrs class will free up my afternoons for some work/trip planning.

And so I set off for my 2nd Sunday morning class in a row. As it was raining throughout the morning, it meant that I left my house in rainy circumstances. Given the rain + also checking out a new place for the first time – it made sense to leave my house earlier. And so I left my house at 0820 Hrs (I should be able to reach comfortably within 1 hour but thought to leave some allowance for the rain as well as the MRT change to NEL).

And so, what greeted me was this



I reached at around 0915 Hrs, and already there are 3 people waiting (which meant that they reached even earlier than me!). And strangely, the door was closed when its 15 minutes before class. It got more ominous as the clocked went pass 0920 and finally around 0924 Hrs – a text came in stating that due to unforeseen circumstances, the class will delayed to start at 0945 Hrs! And if should we decide not to wait, we will get back 1 class credit / gift into the existing package.

Seeing the remaining 3 leaving, and the instructor still HAS NOT turned up even after 0930 Hrs, I decided to opt the free class credit / gift as well.

As mentioned above, it is quite common for students to be late, but for me, it is the first time that the teacher was grossly later than the student(s) – with the official reason being unforeseen circumstances, thus the entry title.

And so no Sunday morning yoga class (did make me think that I should have just gone for Saturday afternoon Power as originally intended after all) …… and ended up napping the entire Sunday afternoon away 😛

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