A random entry to increase the entry count for March (and because I feel like writing something today :P) Working from home today - after tossing and turning throughout the night as someone's behaviour got me hot and bothered throughout the entire day (Tuesday). And lack of good sleep means timeout from office. I also … Continue reading Random

Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Have been 'dreaming' about random stuff in my sleep lately. One was a dream about doing yoga splits again - this time round, it was middle / straddle splits, where you can refer to the dream interpretation here. Another one, which happened shortly after Chinese New Year, was that I was enjoying a nice, relaxing … Continue reading Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

When googling for cheap sushi and/or cheap lunch options in Ginza (one of the most expensive districts in the world) - Sushi Ishijima pops up. This place is slightly under-the-radar. I first found out about Sushi Ishijima from Instagram and noted that they serve a 1500 JPY (around SGD 18) lunch set. This is pretty … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島