Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Have been ‘dreaming’ about random stuff in my sleep lately.

One was a dream about doing yoga splits again – this time round, it was middle / straddle splits, where you can refer to the dream interpretation here.

Another one, which happened shortly after Chinese New Year, was that I was enjoying a nice, relaxing onsen soak while on holiday! Something different this time round, and my first time having such a specific holiday-related dream, hmm ……

Did some quick googling when this dream first occurred, but its only until today that I decided to sit down and write about it proper.

First up, this dream interpretation from Female First

To dream about a holiday suggests that you need a break or a rest.

Perhaps you want to escape your responsibilities- family troubles, personal issues or a difficult situation you’ve found yourself in.

Do you need a break from the daily routine? Not necessarily a holiday but do you need to find something that breaks the monotony of everyday life?

If you were on your own- it’s possible you need to put aside some time for yourself. Perhaps you spread yourself too thinly and always put other people’s needs first. It might be wise to give yourself some care and attention.

It was probably a pretty accurate representation of my state of mind as I felt restless when getting back to work post CNY break. Things weren’t so pleasant, in a sense that rather than feeling more festive during CNY, I kept hearing unjustified/self-entitled complaints/whinings at home – which was such a bummer & affected my state of mind greatly around that period of time too.

Now for the second part – what was I doing in an onsen / hot spring? Ha!

This interpretation from a chinese astrology point of view stood out to me ……

A woman’s dream about bathing in the water is an indication of finding a considerate husband. Additionally, this kind of dream for a man is an indication of having a virtuous wife.

The dream of bathing in the sea indicates that you will win distinction, have a good luck and your career will enter a new stage.

However, the dream of soaking in the hot spring may imply the decline of your health condition. You should pay special attention to the recent nephritis, influenza, hepatitis, irregular menstruation and other diseases recently and should rest to ensure adequate sleep.

I wish I was in an open air onsen facing the sea, but nope, I was actually in a private onsen tub in my own room (but it was facing out to the lake/sea anyway). Was already at the tail end / about 80% recovered from my cough back in January – so there weren’t any major illnesses. But because of the stresses/discomfort/restlessness that I was feeling from my environment – it was pretty true that my sleep was far from great (Side Note: There is some improvement after I start to rely less on the alarm so as to let the body just drift into sleep).

Another one from Aunty Flo

Within the spiritual world, a bath indicates an awareness of your spiritual well-being and is an act of cleansing the inner self.

For many women, bathing is a time when they can relax and be content. Therefore, for a woman to have this dream symbolizes that it is time to take things easy. The key message of this dream is that it is time to finally heal yourself.

Come to think of it now, it was also a sign to let go of the negativity/pent up frustration that I’ve been feeling since end of 2018 / start of 2019 caused by various events/unforeseen circumstances.

And also, perhaps another onsen stopover for the return Japan trip sometime soon 😛


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