A random entry to increase the entry count for March (and because I feel like writing something today :P)

Working from home today – after tossing and turning throughout the night as someone’s behaviour got me hot and bothered throughout the entire day (Tuesday). And lack of good sleep means timeout from office. I also cancelled Flow class tonight after planning to do class with A for the longest time. All because I couldn’t stand the thought of travelling from home in 34 degree celsius weather, ha!

On this – I guess where the stakes get higher, this is when people start to reveal their true colours and show two-faced behaviour. Nothing new right, considering what I do for a living. But when a long-time friend does that to you – it does sting a lot more than if a stranger/client (but not friend) does that to you.

Seriously, you either brush aside / act avoidant when it’s something you do not want to deal with (and thinking sweeping things under the carpet will resolve the issue magically). Or you apply tunnel vision and bulldoze your way through to get what you want. What the ……….

So what happened to empathy & compassion?

I think it’s one thing to put yourself in others shoes and think from their circumstances, and show empathy, compassion and love. But when sh***y behaviour repeats itself over and over again – it only leads to the following conclusion:

Sometimes, a part of me does wonder if this negativity is also because I’m less trusting of people these days. Of course, it is always better to give people the benefit of doubt and be trusting (when it is a genuine circumstance). I don’t deny that as much as I’ve pretty much moved on from this episode – this incident DID CHANGE the way I look at things/people and I’m a lot less trusting these days.

Maybe that’s why I have shoulder/neck issues (throat chakra) and recently, lower back issues (root chakra) more often than I like.

Aside from all the above, Ice Lemon Tea take-away post lunch is pretty much to-go drink these days.


I used to drink the hot version (Honey Lemon) regularly – until the quality started deteriorating (as the honey they used somewhat changed). In part due to the HOT weather, paying 50 cents more gives me a bigger cup of Ice-Lemon Tea with not 1, but THREE pieces of lemon (the hot version only has 1 piece).

Tangible value – 50 cents more

Intangible value – Maximum pleasure in hot humid weather, satisfaction (x infinity)

And so, here’s my random end to this entry.

Side Note: At least I now feel that I’ve let my frustration out somewhat. The power of writing. Looking forward to resume my Japan entries soon!

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