1 April 2019

April Fool’s Day not!

Meant to write something yesterday but was completely knocked out due to time of the month (speaking of which I’m back on my regular cycle after some issues towards end of 2018). First time in a long while I managed to get 9 hours quality sleep!

Anyway 2 things on 1 April 2019

Leslie Cheung

Mum mentioned 1st thing in the morning this is the x year of that fateful April Fool’s Day back in year 2003. Time really files.

Due to a change in schedule, I’m working from home today (own time own pace) and so I went back to this entry and started listening to his music again. His music has continued to have aged well over time.

The Other Big News Of Yesterday – REIWA 令和 ERA

As much as I LOVE travelling to Japan for holidays, my understanding of Japanese culture, society and lifestyle remains superficial at best!

Some interesting tidbits gleaned from BBC:

What does Reiwa mean?

The term for the new era is made up of the two characters Rei and Wa. Rei can mean “commands” or “order”, as well as “auspicious” or “good”.

Wa often means “harmony”, and is also used in the Japanese word for “peace” – “hei-wa”.

Another interesting point

It is the first time a gengo’s name has been taken from an old anthology of Japanese poems, the Manyoshu, instead of a Chinese one, Mr Abe said.

I am aware each era begins with the ascension of a new emperor, and that the current one is Heisei. But I have never bothered to dig/research deeper into the meaning etc.

Anyway this means there will be a new Japanese emperor come 1st May – which also means a longer Golden Week holiday in Japan!

(Side Note: I could’ve scheduled a sakura trip to Tohoku & Hokkaido as that was what I had in mind last year but going to more ‘countryside’ locations and booking accommodations is a drag during this period. So Sakura 2020 in the works?)

Now for a slight change in tone, something else that happened yesterday did come off a bit better than expected. I guess that’s what mother time does to you. However, its not at the stage where some wrongs are going to be righted (if that is a word) or forgiven.

OK, I need to get back to catching up on some work now!

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