And So ……

Right after my last post, body broke down!

Got the flu symptoms immediately after leaving the house (already nasal nose + scratchy throat + crazy sweating from walking in cloudy weather). By the time I finished what I set out to do in my short time in the office – I started to feel slightly feverish. Which means the flu, sigh ……

It was definitely a result of all the accumulated stresses over the past couple of weeks, and more or less a trigger from this incident that I blogged about on Thursday.  Ironically in the greater scale of things, what this person did will seem very minor in comparison to the other things that are going on. BUT unfortunately, this incident also stings the most primarily because this person is a friend of x years!

As compared to people who are no longer important in your life (and/or) no longer in your life to begin with – and thus they do not matter!

I guess when one brags / behaves arrogantly / being rude and curt / gossips about others / puts others down so as to elevate and make themselves the more superior being – it is really more about their own fear, insecurity and ego rather than the person they are targeting at. In other words, defence mechanism at work to mask whatever they want to mask. But it also doesn’t change the fact it sucks when you are their target as well.

Now I fully understand that when people can’t trust their own actions and behaviors, they will think similarly of others as well. 

Like for example, the ones who ‘think’ their partners are cheating on them turn out to be the actual cheaters him/herself. Another example – the one who accuses the other of being miserly/ not generous turn out to be like that themselves (that’s why they can recognise and complain about this trait).

(And yes, that was what I meant to say in my last entry – that we always judge others based on how we would judge ourselves.)

Anyway 2 days of medication and much-needed rest / proper sleep, I am ready for work meeting tomorrow (so thankful that it was rescheduled as it was meant to be today) and yoga class on Monday (had to cancel this morning’s class as nose was still blocked). Remember priorities – managing my energy and not wasting time on futile battles in dealing with passive-aggressive/defensive people (and people from the past who don’t matter anymore).

And of course, a happy song made my Saturday much better too!

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