Itoshi no Eri いとしのエリ

As a consequence of my flu – I am now in the cough-die-me phase. Not helped by having people coughing right into the air without covering their mouths *very irritated and disturbed about it the entire day*

Until I almost forgot what I have put in my drafts – which is what I intend to write about.

I actually have this catchy JPop / English cover song on my Spotify playlist – courtesy of BENI. For some reason, it seems that her English cover songs are more well received than her Japanese original material. Irregardless, I’m very out of touch with JPop these days, so ……

Then one fine day, I came across the same song, but covered by EXILE’s ATSUSHI in Japanese. Of course, everything ATSUSHI covers turns to gold as he’s one of the best vocalists (personal opinion) in JPop. He just has this ‘soul’ in his voice.

And since there is both English cover and Japanese version of the same song, it got me curious enough to actually google further. And it turns out to be a Southern All Stars single dating back to …… 1979!

Given Southern All Stars place in Japanese music as a legend, well done cover versions are a great way to pay tribute and give the current generation a chance to learn about the older songs in the past.

And of course, I’m slightly more biased towards ATSUSHI’s version 😛

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