Work Rant

One of the things I can never bring myself to like to do (or rather HATE to do) is to send premium reminder chasers.

And yes, there are clients who simply don’t read their letters (and just chuck them one side). We call this ‘allergy’ to paper (and this is already a nicer way of putting it across). One classic example (read: excuse) – when s**t hits the fan, said client will always say the following:

“I did not receive any letters from the insurer on premium notification/reminder.”

We often say buying an insurance policy is a gift of love (and responsibility) for ourselves and for our loved ones. Since this is a commitment of love towards ourselves and our loved ones, obviously paying the premium is a non-given. Non-payment leading to laspation of policy is obviously a serious matter right?

So don’t you think one should be more responsible for ourselves and not just conveniently blame the insurer when you are the one who just ignores the premium notification and reminder letters.

And don’t get me going about people who balantly ignore text reminders! Whilst one has somewhat of a poor excuse saying that they are too busy with work and life to gothrough their letters, but given people these days are practically on their phones, surely a text reminder is an even poorer excuse right! 

Real story! I ever had someone telling me

Oh, I received the reminder text but I was too busy with _______!

You just go *face palm*


** Background – This is a policy for a dependant whom person has professed in the past he/she wants to take good care of. I think this kind of behaviour says a lot about how this person really is.

This is nothing new but I really need to get this rant out of my system. I guess being constantly in a noisy environment and being irriated by inconsiderate behaviour at home 1st thing in the morning starts to play tricks on your inner state of mind (another rant for another day).


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