Food Mission 2019: Pronto Caffe & Bar

Pronto is a Japanese-Italian casual restaurant/cafe chain (similar to Doutor and Tully's) with many outlets across Japan, and they have recently set up shop in Singapore! Interestingly, I have walked past Pronto when I was in Hakodate and Yokohama during my last trip. But it did not occur to me to check out any of … Continue reading Food Mission 2019: Pronto Caffe & Bar


Decided to take today (Wednesday) as time out from office and so it was noon yoga followed by lunch & tea break πŸ˜› And it was back to Dulcet & Studio (Liang Court) for their tea time special - where you just top up $2 for a drink to go along with a cake/dessert. D&S … Continue reading ε…ˆη”œεŽθ‹¦?

Reminiscing Autumn

After deciding to do a spring trip (next year 2020) instead of a autumn/winter trip as written here, it turns out I do miss the colourful autumn leaves after all (perhaps it has something to do with work blues) ...... And so, here's a blog entry to 'throwback' to autumn last year when I was … Continue reading Reminiscing Autumn

Making A New Habit

So this morning, I made time for a morning yoga class that wasn't happening on a weekend / public holiday. First time ever since I started yoga in Oct 2016! And the 1st day of a new month was a perfect way to get this going! Many reasons went into this decision. First, wanted to … Continue reading Making A New Habit