Reminiscing Autumn

After deciding to do a spring trip (next year 2020) instead of a autumn/winter trip as written here, it turns out I do miss the colourful autumn leaves after all (perhaps it has something to do with work blues) ……

And so, here’s a blog entry to ‘throwback’ to autumn last year when I was in Japan. On the same day last year (10 Nov 2018) – I was probably back in my hotel room (in Sapporo) post supper ready to get to bed.

Speaking of Sapporo, autumn foliage happens earlier in October as it goes downwards from the top elevations (starting from Hokkaido island/prefecture). But I was relatively lucky to still be able to spot some green/red/yellow colours here and there during my time in Sapporo.


Managed to spot some autumn colours along Odori Park. It would have been even more beautiful if not for the ongoing maintenance works that were ongoing at the park (in preparation for the Christmas festives most probably).

Thanks to google maps bringing me on a rounabout way to Sapporo Station, I ended up walking past the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Office).


This beautifully lined pathway is called the Akarenga Terrace – beside it is a shopping mall. Whilst I was taking a slow wistful walk towards the building, there was a sudden gush of wind that blew right across me which led to this ……

It all happened SO FAST that there was no time to take a video/insta-story or anything, and I could only take pictures of the ‘aftermath’.


One of my favourite photos – a reverse view of the pathway as I walk towards the Government Building.


Wasn’t very keen to explore the inside of the building (I believe there are entrance fees chargeable) so was really glad to discover a small park at the entrance of the building, although by then the leaves have turned majorly yellow.

I originally had Hokkaido University (in particular the Gingko Tree Avenue) as another spot to visit but the flight misconnection on Day 1 meant that it was not possible to fit this in as I ended up with lesser time in Sapporo. I think I will choose to come back to Sapporo (and Hokkaido, Tohoku) should I feel like an autumn trip in the future 😛

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