Food Mission 2019: Pronto Caffe & Bar

Pronto is a Japanese-Italian casual restaurant/cafe chain (similar to Doutor and Tully’s) with many outlets across Japan, and they have recently set up shop in Singapore!

Interestingly, I have walked past Pronto when I was in Hakodate and Yokohama during my last trip. But it did not occur to me to check out any of their food/drinks. So it has become a sort of trend for me to eat certain Japanese chain store food/dessert only in Singapore (and not in Japan).

Anyway what made me wanted to check out Pronto was the pasta menu that they have. Had drinks there once with a client and it was pretty crowded, given its location at Church Street (CBD area). Whilst hunting for food for my late lunch yesterday afternoon (it was a little after 2), being CBD area on a Saturday, many food places were starting to wind down. Plus it was also raining, and so rather than walking further to a hawker centre, I decided inpromptu to settle down at Pronto where I could have a pasta, as well as a coffee.


It is not a very big space, as Pronto is one of the 6 F&B outlets that make up the Gochi Church Street Japan Kitchen Concept. (Side Note: They sort of craved out this area within the Capital Square Building itself.)

Similarly, the menu itself is not very extensive (no pictures as I wanted to quickly place my order as I was very hungry). Since my main objective is to check out their pasta, upon the staff’s recommendation, I elected to order the Scallop & Bottarga Aglio Olio + their Pronto’s Special (Brew of The Day / Black Coffee).


For the record, the kitchen took about 15 min to prepare the pasta while my coffee came first. So I jokingly told the staff the pasta better be good 😛

For $13, the portion was pretty decent. The tiny brown bits on top of the pasta were salted cured fish roe, which gave the pasta a nicer after taste and at the same time, reducing the spicness of the aglio olio (Note: I asked for less spicy). And the pasta was al dente! Overall, I am very satisfied with this improptu lunch choice.

Now I need to check out Pronto on my return trip to Japan next year (I think the pastas are priced cheaper at around 700 to 800 JPY, which is around SGD 10).



Pronto Caffe & Bar

23 Church Street #01-02/03 Capital Square Singapore 049481

Opening Hours: Monday To Friday 0730 Hrs to 2330 Hrs, Saturday 1100 Hrs to 2200 Hrs



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