December 2019

Last December & last 31st of December of this decade! Which calls for a blog entry 😛

New low – where blogging/writing is concerned but all in all, I would say this after the lows of November (work-wise and emotionally-wise), December turned out to be a much better month for me. Both work wise and emotional/mental wise as well.

It was not so great on the body though. Caught a flu right before the festive season began, and while I thought I was recovering well in time for the festive season, the virus came back to ‘haunt’ me. Which I attribute to the bad vibes coming into contact with some less-than-desired company (first, the said person said his/her place was infested with insects, then his/her toxic behaviour made the whole interaction WORST, sigh). As I have learnt, bad vibes do not lie and your body responses immediately …… and so …… that explains it!

In any case, being sick meant there was a ‘good’ reason (read: excuse) to slow down and even ‘hold back’ on stuff *gasp* As much as I did intend the last 2 weeks of year 2019 to slow things down and work on my personal projects/goals, but as a result of the above, this wasn’t so great on the personal productivity front.

Speaking of personal goals though, sometime in the 2nd half of year 2019, I sort of set a goal to learn a new skill (out of my work scope). And so sometime in December, I was glad that I managed to get it ticked off with the following:

P/S: The awesome sticker was a add-on to the picture from my phone.

Did a Digital Marketing Analytics course (more specifically it was on google analytics)!

I had actually shortlisted a few stuff that I wanted to learn and in the end, what gave me the push to go for this is probably the intrinsic need to learn new skills outside of my work given how much the world is evolving, with social media, A.I and all. Like it or hate it, the digital economy is much more than the WWW and you either adapt or get left behind. I came to the point that rather than ‘fearing’ it, why not turn the page and start actually learning more about something new (which is here to stay). I guess the acute need to move out of my comfort zone was enough for me to sacrifice my weekend yoga classes and sleep (class starts at 9am) to go for the course 🙂

Analytics is actually one key thrust of the whole digital marketing spectrum. There are still more components to it (i.e. strategy, content marketing, word ads) that I will need to fill my knowledge it but I would say let this be a start. So 1 major resolution/goal for year 2020 is to continue my exploration into this digital marketing field!

Also, I know accomplishing poses doesn’t make one a better yogi and person, but I would love to finally nail that headstand comfortably in year 2020 – where my comfort zone is concerned.

After a year of many ups and downs where I learnt so much more about myself and upped my self-awareness, I think year 2020 would be one where I can start to step out of my comfort zone and see more possibilities!


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