Trip Planning Begins Again

Coming to the end of my festive break …… apart from starting to get back into work proper, I also realised that its also time to get back to firming my trip itinerary proper.

Didn’t manage to do much trip planning over December due to a variety of reasons as stated here, sigh. So, apart from having to get back into a routine (work, exercise, personal time etc.), there’s also trip planning as it is just 3 months left to my trip!

Priorities and preferred activities change with time/age/experience. Checking out interesting food/coffee places became a higher priority these days as versus to ticking off attractions and/or packing in many many activities within the day itself.

Although I always tell friends Tokyo is expensive, crazily crowded as compared to some other major Japanese cities, for this 5th trip to Japan, it would also be the 5th time I’m making Tokyo the last leg of my trip and flying out of Tokyo as well 😛

At this point, I already find myself with a pretty long list of to-trys for the Tokyo portion of the trip. And this is not including the places that I’m planning to revisit …… i.e. my favourite tsukemen from Rokurinsha, tonkatsu at Tonki, likely return trip to Sushi Ishijima in my plans as well.

Just specific to coffee alone, for this upcoming trip, I have already 3 places shortlisted, and just added 1 more to my list.

Blue Bottle Coffee

It was a toss-up between Blue Bottle and Streamer Coffee during my last trip before I opted for Streamer Coffee in the end. So I will check out Blue Bottle for this coming trip.

Sarutahiko Coffee

First came across this coffeeshop via google search (also during my last trip) and read that this coffeeshop was opened by a former actor Tomoyuki Otsuka. I did think of heading to their main shop at Ebisu, which was a shorter commute from Tokyo Station as compared to Shibuya (where Streamer Coffee is).

Unlike Blue Bottle, this is a Japan home-grown coffee chain, so this is on my to-try list.

Cafe de L’ambre

This coffeeshop is very different from Blue Bottle and Sarutahiko, as it is a more traditional kissaten that has been open since 1948.

Technically, this would be a re-visit after my 1st visit back during my 1st trip (Winter 2012). I think I did not savour my 1st visit here enough and after seeing this cafe pop up again on my instagram, decided that a re-visit is in order (since my Tokyo accomdations will be around Ginza as well).

Onibus Coffee

Also another finding from Instagram, no thanks to the instagrammable building at nakameguro, haha! Some of the online reviews also indicate great reviews for their coffee. Another place to check out when I’m in meguro vicinity.

And yes, there’s also another list for observatories! As of now, I already have Abeno Harukas (Osaka) and Shibuya Sky (the latest one in Tokyo) on my list.

1st things 1st, a new camera to take better pictures, and do some vlogging!

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