Itoshi no Eri いとしのエリ

As a consequence of my flu - I am now in the cough-die-me phase. Not helped by having people coughing right into the air without covering their mouths *very irritated and disturbed about it the entire day* Until I almost forgot what I have put in my drafts - which is what I intend to … Continue reading Itoshi no Eri いとしのエリ

And So ……

Right after my last post, body broke down! Got the flu symptoms immediately after leaving the house (already nasal nose + scratchy throat + crazy sweating from walking in cloudy weather). By the time I finished what I set out to do in my short time in the office - I started to feel slightly … Continue reading And So ……

Do Less To Do More

Another tweak to Saturday routine again! Instead of going for my usual Saturday morning class(es) - I opted to do a late Friday afternoon REVITALISE class instead as that was what my body really needed after my lower back aches (stress induced) started coming back again on and off throughout this week. And of course, … Continue reading Do Less To Do More

Sakura Theme

No chance for sakura trip this year, so made up for it a bit with sakura-themed food 😛 Saw on facebook that Dulcet & Studio was having a Sakura Fair with some selected limited time Sakura-themed desserts. There was one Friday where I had a sort of cake-craving, and so Dulcet & Studio became a … Continue reading Sakura Theme

Food Mission 2018: Taisho Roman Kissa-Shitsu 大正浪漫喫茶室

Back with another food review entry. As previously blogged, I made a short day trip to Hirosaki (from Aomori), but come to think of it now, it was more like a short stop-over, since I wasted so much time at Aomori before eventually boarding the 1444 Hrs local train for the 50 min journey to … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Taisho Roman Kissa-Shitsu 大正浪漫喫茶室