And So ……

Right after my last post, body broke down! Got the flu symptoms immediately after leaving the house (already nasal nose + scratchy throat + crazy sweating from walking in cloudy weather). By the time I finished what I set out to do in my short time in the office - I started to feel slightly … Continue reading And So ……

Do Less To Do More

Another tweak to Saturday routine again! Instead of going for my usual Saturday morning class(es) - I opted to do a late Friday afternoon REVITALISE class instead as that was what my body really needed after my lower back aches (stress induced) started coming back again on and off throughout this week. And of course, … Continue reading Do Less To Do More


A random entry to increase the entry count for March (and because I feel like writing something today :P) Working from home today - after tossing and turning throughout the night as someone's behaviour got me hot and bothered throughout the entire day (Tuesday). And lack of good sleep means timeout from office. I also … Continue reading Random

Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Have been 'dreaming' about random stuff in my sleep lately. One was a dream about doing yoga splits again - this time round, it was middle / straddle splits, where you can refer to the dream interpretation here. Another one, which happened shortly after Chinese New Year, was that I was enjoying a nice, relaxing … Continue reading Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Yet Another Realisation

After my 'realisation' entry some time back in September, today I had another realisation yet again. I don't necessary hate the idea of work (which encompasses meeting people, preparing plans/proposals, self-learning, admin/paperwork, servicing) but lately, I have come to realise that there are 2 aspects of my work that I have come to really dislike … Continue reading Yet Another Realisation

Where Did November Go?

Didn't manage to write anything over the past couple of days to end off November. And so, this shall be an entry to start off December 😛 I guess November just whizzed by like this when you start off November tying up loose ends here & there, and getting ready for trip. Then my 13/14 … Continue reading Where Did November Go?