On Repeat: LANY – ILYSB

So this song has been on repeat since yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95HlilRpVFk I seldom (if never) listen to American pop/indie. In fact most of my music entries here relate mainly to CantoPop, JPop and KPop. So how did I discover this gem of a song? From my 90 min Flow class just last Sunday morning. Probably the … Continue reading On Repeat: LANY – ILYSB

Equanimous Backbends

Been a while since I wrote about something yoga-related, and I decided to jot this down (as part of my thought process and also for some self-reflection as well) after a personal high/breakthrough from 90 min Backbends class last week. Side Note: I'm still sporadic/in-consistent with my personal home practice, and am essentially down to … Continue reading Equanimous Backbends

Making A New Habit

So this morning, I made time for a morning yoga class that wasn't happening on a weekend / public holiday. First time ever since I started yoga in Oct 2016! And the 1st day of a new month was a perfect way to get this going! Many reasons went into this decision. First, wanted to … Continue reading Making A New Habit


Before I could even do some sort of D-xx countdown, I only have less than 2 days left in Singapore before my red-eye flight on Thursday morning *gasp* Have been totally unproductive & sluggish from late last week till now, and since today's a public holiday (Deepavali) - its a great time to catch up … Continue reading Revitalise-D

Unforseen Circumstances

Decided to get this entry in since I have declared myself an 'out-of-office' day for today 🙂 (there's still work to do of course but I need fresher 'air') There's always a FIRST for everything I suppose. In my 2 years of yoga life (i.e. having done yoga for 2 years now) - there were … Continue reading Unforseen Circumstances

It Has Been 2 Years

It seems that I'll be ending September with a record 5 entries *a pat on the back for myself*. Am slowly but surely getting back some consistently on the writing front which has given me more clarity in the thinking processes behind each daily/major decision(s) made. It is also an apt title for this entry … Continue reading It Has Been 2 Years


Opened up the laptop to write something, but ended up surfing the internet for every other thing else for the past 1 and a half hour 😛 OK, back to the subject matter which I was intending to write about - Barre. Having previously wrote about starting Yoga back in October 2016, it has been … Continue reading Barre