Throwback: When I Used To Run

Was doing some post-lunch clearing of emails when I came across this link to a running-related comic that I have saved. Link: There are 6 parts to it in total. As I look back at my running days now, it has dawned on me that my very 1st race (Great Eastern Women 10K in October … Continue reading Throwback: When I Used To Run

Out With The Old Comes The New

A quick blog entry to end off my Sunday! Had 2 major purchases in the 1st half of 2015. 1st a new pair of birkenstocks at the beginning of the year (around CNY period). This was sort of unplanned purchase as the previous pair I was comfortably wearing (from mid 2012 onwards) had the sole … Continue reading Out With The Old Comes The New

Getting Started Again ……

One of the most challenging things in life is getting a goal/project going - and sticking to it! It can be something simple - such as eating less carbs, sleeping earlier ...... to something involving higher stakes such as a new job, prospecting in a new target market, sticking to a budget etc. ...... One … Continue reading Getting Started Again ……

Leap Year 29.02.2012

Came across an article on my twitter feed earlier .... and hence the inspiration for a leap year entry! Kept having the feeling yesterday (i.e Tuesday) was Wednesday .... Initially I thought it could be because I decided to switch my workout day from my usual Tuesday to Wednesday instead. Turns out it is the … Continue reading Leap Year 29.02.2012

Post Marathon Recovery & Re-Start

Completed my 2nd marathon over the weekend - Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on 4th December Sunday ...... Briefly on the marathon 1st, was not able to acheive a sub-7 hour timing due to various reasons (insufficient training .. extreme heat & humidity .. poor distance markers) and ended up doing similar/slightly worst than last year … Continue reading Post Marathon Recovery & Re-Start

Afternoon Entry: Running

A quick post lunch entry in the office ...... Have been pretty slack in my running/training lately ......and even skipped the week (National Day week hols) where I did my wisdom tooth extraction ...... Until I came across this article in the Runner's World email update last week ...... Runner's World - Get To The … Continue reading Afternoon Entry: Running