Throwback: When I Used To Run

Was doing some post-lunch clearing of emails when I came across this link to a running-related comic that I have saved.



There are 6 parts to it in total.

As I look back at my running days now, it has dawned on me that my very 1st race (Great Eastern Women 10K in October 2006) was exactly a decade ago!

Exactly 1 decade (10 years) on, I have stopped running – with my last run being in March 2016. This current phase of life coincided with major changes at work, the closure of California Fitness (where I used to gym/workout at) …… and subsequently taking up yoga – which is my to-go regular workout currently.

I guess it came to a point that I stopped enjoying my training runs, and no longer look forward to waking up at 4-5am to go for Sunday races. And right now, not missing it nor regretting it as I’m enjoying my yoga sessions very much.

Never say never. I have yet to achieve my goal of a 1 hour 15 min 10km so I forsee I will end my ‘hiatus’ / break from running and get back to training for this specific goal. No timeline to this yet – will probably go with the flow as I need to start adding more cardio-based activities progressively to my current workout regime.

Not sure if I will ever do a 3rd marathon as I’m not keen to do long distance runs anymore. In the event I don’t – I can still live in peace knowing that I have completed 2 full marathons, albeit in lousy timing. Can’t take away the fact that I’m a finisher 2 times over*

* Thinking about it now also, it is pretty incredulous that I was being lectured on how to complete a marathon and to apply that to work when said person is not even a good example to begin with. But of course that chapter is over now so peace out!


Out With The Old Comes The New

A quick blog entry to end off my Sunday!

Had 2 major purchases in the 1st half of 2015.

1st a new pair of birkenstocks at the beginning of the year (around CNY period). This was sort of unplanned purchase as the previous pair I was comfortably wearing (from mid 2012 onwards) as the sole came off (either due to constant wear or the shoe ‘knocked’ onto something, thus bursting open the bottom part) …… and so bye bye to my beloved birkenstock (which I finally threw it away earlier in the evening after leaving it in the shoe cupboard for the past 5+ months :P) ……


And here comes a new pair …. Papillio series rocks!


The 2nd major purchase for 2015 (1st half) is the current Garmin Forerunner 15 that I am using for both running & daily use right now.

The previous Garmin 110, which I bought way back in year 2010 when I got in to training for my 1st marathon, had served me well for a good 4 years + (with 1 change of strap in between as the stopper broke), until the strap started to break (the rubber seems quite fragile, TBH).


It got quite bad to the point that I have to use rubberbands to hold the straps together (see picture) as both stoppers broke. In addition, the GPS started to get wonky as well, as it took rather long to start up and get location. Once the strap broke, even when I tried to use main face itself for timing purposes (on a run) – the GPS inside went haywire as well. So time for an upgrade 🙂

Tried running with RunKeeper on my phone for a while, before finally getting a replacement watch. Needed it before my 2XU Run at end March (which ended up being postponed due to Lee Kuan Yew’s state funeral) and thanks to the IT Fair back in mid-March, I finally managed to get a new (and in my opinion) superior watch – the Garmin Forerunner 15!


Its smaller, lighter, sleeker, and brighter (in purple). Not only that, as the salesperson mentioned, with increased market share in Singapore (as a result of the increasing popularity of such sports devices) – the support has also improved significantly as compared to 4-5 years ago and I can now get replacement straps at Courts handily!

Best of all, the price point. This only cost me $199 …… as compared to the $380-odd (can’t remember the amount anymore) I paid for the 110 4-5 years ago!

So really, shopping aside, sometimes, we have got to leave ‘the old’ behind and embrace/look forward to ‘the new’ and something better going forward into the future. Apply this analogy to life in general and it works the same too 🙂

That’s it for my Sunday thoughts.

Getting Started Again ……

One of the most challenging things in life is getting a goal/project going – and sticking to it! It can be something simple – such as eating less carbs, sleeping earlier …… to something involving higher stakes such as a new job, prospecting in a new target market, sticking to a budget etc. ……

One of my main 2014 new year resolutions is to run a PB for half-marathon this year. The only race that I have signed up to date was the 2XU Compression Run (most likely to give Sundown a miss as I prefer to use the time to concentrate on production matters for the last lap of banding year without the distraction of training). However after being sick since before Christmas (started with sore throat and mild flu from 20th Dec 2013) …… to the irriating cough that refuses to go away well into year 2014 (until mid of last week), workouts and training runs (if there were even any at all) have to take  a backseat.

So rather than setting goals to run X km and doing X workouts per week (as per a prescribed training plan that you can get online from Runner’s World for instance), the one simple goal I had for this week was simply an easy run (at least 20 min and 2km covered) to get back into the running cycle again. No long workouts as it is usually not wise to start long after a long break from the activity (in my case, my last run was the Great Eastern Women’s Half Marathon back in early Nov!) ……

The original plan was to get a run workout in on Tuesday (14th Jan) followed by spin class on Thursday (16th Jan). Bad habit of dily-dalying, thus left office only at around 720pm. Then another bad habit of not fueling up sufficiently pre-workout (the small cheese stick from Sophies was not sufficient as I felt my stomach rumbling) – thus had to get a chicken wing at Old Chang Kee before heading to the gym to change …… Then had to take in a client phone call about some issues. Sighz ……

By the time I got changed, it was already 5 min past late. Decided to abort the plan of an outdoor run, and simply do 15 min on the threadmill instead. However after warm-up and some hip abuctors (machine), was so bothered by client’s phone call that I decided an outdoor run was necessary after all (to clear my mind and also to get training going again) ……


Lousy statistics indeed but I guess the most important thing is that I have acheived my goal of a run (on Tuesday night) to get my running activity going again. As an analogy to life, we have to start taking action first, before taking the next step of keeping the actvity going and developing it into a lifelong habit!

Ending of with a favourite quote of mine,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
~ Lao Tzu

Leap Year 29.02.2012

Came across an article on my twitter feed earlier …. and hence the inspiration for a leap year entry!

Kept having the feeling yesterday (i.e Tuesday) was Wednesday …. Initially I thought it could be because I decided to switch my workout day from my usual Tuesday to Wednesday instead. Turns out it is the leap year effect – which means we get 1 extra day in February once every 4 years 🙂

So what did I do on this extra day of Feb?

Another usual work day for me. Worked a bit later than usual on Tuesday so it was a pretty short afternoon for me in the office. Managed to reschedule one tentative meeting to Friday instead (didn’t feel very prepared) … and used the ‘extra’ time freed up to finish up the comparison (so that can pass to the client on Friday when we meet) …. Cleared table a bit & mailed out policy before heading off to Raffles gym at 7+ for my run (but not before an interesting discussion about some branch matters) ….

Had left my gym bag at Raffles gym earlier in the afternoon before heading for lunch @ Golden Shoe (my theory is if I don’t leave it there, I will end up not heading for my run especially after postponing it from Tuesday) 😛

Finally did my 1st outdoor run in 3 months (longest break ever since my Stand Chart marathon in Dec) along my usual route and boy man, struggled for the full 1/2 hour duration and huffed & puffed most of the time. Lots of work to do to up the ante in my exercise program as my 1st competitive run of the year – 2XU Compression Run on 1st April is exactly in 1 month’s time!

As a result of my lack of fitness, came back home to aching legs and watching DVD and starting up this entry on sis’s iPad b4 heading to bed really soon ………….

P/S: This is the article that I mentioned at the beginning of the entry. It is mainly a personal finance-related article that talks about having 1 more day to clean up the house where finances are concerned.

Post Marathon Recovery & Re-Start

Completed my 2nd marathon over the weekend – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on 4th December Sunday ……

Briefly on the marathon 1st, was not able to acheive a sub-7 hour timing due to various reasons (insufficient training .. extreme heat & humidity .. poor distance markers) and ended up doing similar/slightly worst than last year – which is somewhat below my expectations …… Post run recovery was a drag this year. I had less foot blisters but the abrasion was pretty bad this time round (a sign of lack of fitness resulting in body ‘wear and tear’?) – that I wasn’t able to recover sufficiently to go back to office by Tuesday …… so that is one down!

Not going into details here on the run but having rested and calmed down over the past couple of days …. 1st and foremost, I am grateful that I still finished the entire race without being swept up by the lorry. Despite the cursing & swearing during the last quarter of the marathon, I think I might actually attempt another full next year – the goal of a sub 7 hour timing is something I would like to breakthrough …… For next year, I am looking at improving my 10k and 21km timings for the better half of the year – that’s one tangible year 2011 resolution down! 🙂

Post recovery was tougher this year as compared to last year …… as mentioned above, the body abrasions were more painful and I was still struggling to walk even on Tuesday morning, and so took another day off work. 2 days off work and PD Day (@ Singpost Centre in Paya Lebar) means that more than 1/2 the work week is gone and there is major catch-up to do 😦  …… Was back to office on Thursday, only to be welcomed with a malicious spyware titled ‘Vista Anti-Spyware 2012’ – which went into havoc the very moment I powered on my laptop on the office table …… Talk about an ‘ominous’ return back to work, sigh …… And proceeded to spend a good part of the afternoon figuring out a way to get rid of the spyware (which I managed to do so after referring to here) and more scannings before finally able to resolve the issue before Zzzz ……..

Hence doing my documents back-up before heading into office …. What a way to start and end the week! On a happier note, over the break I have started on a new drama series post Secret Garden – 我可能不會愛你 (Taiwanese Drama currently showing in Taiwan and on Starhub Ch825) ……


D-1 to my 2nd marathon!

After I have updated my blog yesterday, mentioned person has the audacity to send me 3 LONG SMS-es (capitalized letters mean that its really long) …… All I have to say is if a person has to resort to long SMSes to prove his/her point rather than thrasing it out in person – it says more about that person and his/her personality and handling of conflicts. To sum it up, when dealing with such difficult people, there is no need to reply in a equally tit for tat manner (if anything it only serves to tell others you are egoistic, get easily defensive and easily provoked) …. I simply kept my cool and replied in 3 sentences! Ha!

Onto happier stuff … in a couple of hours time, I’ll be getting ready to run my 2nd marathon. In the meantime, just resting and bumming around, going online and not doing anything much as need to sleep early and get up at 2am to get ready to take the MRT at 3am to reach the start point at Orchard. Going to check out some kpop videos on YouTube now. Ta da!

Afternoon Entry: Running

A quick post lunch entry in the office ……

Have been pretty slack in my running/training lately ……and even skipped the week (National Day week hols) where I did my wisdom tooth extraction …… Until I came across this article in the Runner’s World email update last week ……

Runner’s World – Get To The Point

This article is a straight-to-the-point, as well as timely reminder that in each and every single training run that we do (irregardless short or long) – there is always a key goal/objective for the day, be it Speed Workouts (short, all out intervals) .. Endurance (long slow runs i.e. LSD) .. Mimic Your Race (aka race pace) ……

Maybe its time to sign up for another race clinic, not so much for the knowledge but more to get the enthusiasum coming back and getting hyped up about running – especially when I have 3 races (1 half marathon, 1 10km trail run, 1 full marathon) to go and training quality has been down down down!!

And of course, to start reading Runner’s World on a more regular basis again ……

Anyway have packed my gym bag this morning …. Am gonna going to stick to my plan of an 1 hour run tonight (my most basic goal for today’s run, heh)!