Earth Pig Year

As I write now, technically we are still in the Chinese New Year season (today is the 9th day of CNY, with 6 more days to go). Side Note: Originally drafted this on Saturday, but got 'stuck' half-way into the entry. And so doing a rewrite of sorts now. The CNY festivities actually started last … Continue reading Earth Pig Year

Spring Reset

That brings to mind what I had originally intended to blog the last time round - essentially my visit to Gardens By The Bay for the Sakura Matsuri cherry blossoms display. This came timely since my plans to do a Sakura trip to Japan didn't work out due to various reasons. And in a way, … Continue reading Spring Reset

Christmas Weekend

Felt like ages since I last enjoyed a long weekend that went into a public holiday on Monday. In fact, the Christmas long weekend began early for me starting from Friday (22nd December) which happened to be Winter Solstice. Since we made plans to eat out this year for Winter Solstice - it felt right … Continue reading Christmas Weekend

Japan 2013: Day 11 Roaming Around Tokyo Part 5

DAY 11 (CON'T) Had no where else to go after dinner ...... but while waiting for my food to arrive, whipped out my iPad from my bag and did some study of the metro/train maps. Personal view of mine - anytime before 10pm is always too early to end off the night especially when you … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 11 Roaming Around Tokyo Part 5

Japan 2013: Day 10 Fuji Five Lakes + Exploring Shinjuku Part 4

DAY 10 (CON'T) Thought of getting a coffee + doughnut at the Kripy Kreme outlet at Southern Terrace City but the quene was so long that I dropped the idea instataneously! After finishing with photo taking, decided to get indoors instead to the huge Takashimaya Times Square to do some shopping at Tokyu Hands and … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 10 Fuji Five Lakes + Exploring Shinjuku Part 4

Japan 2013: Day 10 Fuji Five Lakes + Exploring Shinjuku Part 3

DAY 10 (CON'T) Had some time to kill before the train leaves Kawaguchiko at 1629 Hrs. No point waiting for the 1659 Hrs train (which is an express train) as there is nothing much to do around the station anyway. There is a souvenir/omiyage shop right beside the cafe ...... and found out that the … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 10 Fuji Five Lakes + Exploring Shinjuku Part 3

Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 5

DAY 7 (CON'T) Back to Kyoto station at around 1800 Hrs. Stood outside the station fixing my camera settings for night shots, and got a decent shot of the Kyoto Tower in the night. Still craving for coffee (since I didn't manage to get any at Arashiyama earlier) ...... walked around Kyoto Station and Portia … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 5

Japan 2013: Day 2 Osaka Part 4

DAY 2 (CON'T) Continuing from where I left off, walked back to Osakako station, and changed subways at Honmachi to get to Namba. Namba is also another huge station just like Osaka/Umeda - located down south of Osaka,with many dining, shopping and entertainment options. Followed the directions and signs as indicated in the train station. … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 2 Osaka Part 4

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Sneaking in a post at work 😛 Has been a while since I participated in any of the weekly photo challenges + since I have yet to get down to blogging my holiday entries, will make use of this opportunity to get going on that + log in my 1st post of year 2013! Since … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Its October

Didn't manage to get down to blog as originally intended on Sunday evening after dinner ... so entry ended up starting off October instead ...... Sunday evening was Mid-Autumn Festival aka 中秋节 which happens on 八月十五 (lunar calendar) - celebrated with the gang on Sat evening with potluck dinner, mooncakes and lanterns and went back … Continue reading Its October