An Entry From My Financial Blog

Just wrote up an entry in my financial blog (marked private due to *ahem* company guidelines) that I would like to repost here.-----------FINALLY …… and very much belatedly a write-up that gives a much fairer and much more ‘real’ perspective on what really entails “Buy-Term-Invest-The-Rest” (BTITR).It is not so much about Suize Orman and her … Continue reading An Entry From My Financial Blog


An update to this entry ...... This is the original letter that sparked off insurers reply. Reproduced as below. ------------ Home > ST Forum > Story Nov 13, 2009 MEDICAL INSURANCE End exclusion penalty IT WAS heartening to read on Monday that United States President Barack Obama's proposed changes to the health-care insurance system passed … Continue reading Update

What Do You Think? No loadings on Income's health insurance Portable scheme continues the full health insurance protection even after leaving employment. Wed, Nov 18, 2009 The Straits Times I REFER to Mr Kaliannan Tamilselvam's letter last Friday, 'End exclusion penalty'. He wrote that he underwent an angioplasty procedure while working for a company which covered him under … Continue reading What Do You Think?

Now The Government Says ……

Not long after I have blogged this ...... Government says ....... Signs of speculation in private property market Channel NewsAsia - Thursday, July 30 SINGAPORE: The government is seeing some signs of speculation in the Singapore property market, according to National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan. Speaking on the sidelines of the topping out … Continue reading Now The Government Says ……

Some Food For Thought Here

Source : Singaporeans are saving more and investing less after economic crisis Channel NewsAsia - Tuesday, July 21SINGAPORE: High—income earners in Singapore are saving more and investing less following the onset of the global financial crisis, according to a survey. A A Nielson Company poll showed that before the bad news hit, close to … Continue reading Some Food For Thought Here