Skipping Over February

Finally have the time, space and energy to sit down to do a blog entry proper!

Now where did February go? Definitely the 1st time in a long while that I didn’t blog (or rather didn’t manage to blog anything) in 1 entire month and the time just went by like that ……

January ended with the CNY festive season. After which, it is straight back to work and daily life.

And yes, one significant thing that happened right before CNY was the breakdown/’death’ of my Lenovo laptop. As documented on this blog, after the initial replacement issues (when 1st bought), and an earlier breakdown of the hard disk just back in September, the Lenovo decided to hang by itself when in office one fine Monday afternoon. To cut the story short, after calling the technical support line, dropping everything down to head to the service centre at McPherson for 2nd diagnosis, and another opinion from a repair shop at Jurong Point – the final conclusion was motherboard failure. The replacement would have cost $500+ …… and thus it would be a more feasible solution to just get a new laptop instead – which is needed as I had work to finish right before CNY beckons.

And so, I bought a new Acer Swift 3 that is gold in colour for a ‘golden’ new beginning.

The laptop has been working great for the past 2 months that I have been using it – and this is my 1st blog on this laptop 😛

In a figurative way, the Lenovo represents frustration and pain through the 2 years and 4 months that I have used it. And I will be better served with a fresh start with a newer and better machine going forward. Sounds like how my life has been going for the past 1 odd years 🙂

February is also another month where I experienced numerous body wiggles post-yoga (right achilles tendon pull, tight hips, on and off wrist strains on my right). Also came down with sore throat / flu for a good part of the month which recovered, then came back again after Hot Yoga 101 (believe I caught a chill as the room as stuffier than usual which even the instructor felt so as well), which is reduced to chest cough on and off still as the virus has yet to go away 100% – which sucks!

Partly as a result of some of the ‘muscle imbalances’ that I was experiencing post-yoga, took the plunge to try Yin Yoga as I have read on some of the benefit of Yin Yoga include increased circulation, fascial release and greater joint mobility (through holding poses for 3 to 5 min long) ….. which was something I needed to ‘repair’ my body and feel good again.

After my very 1st Yin class (on Sunday morning) where the final pose before savasana was a reclining head to toe stretch (with a bolster placed right across the tight) – my hamstrings loosened immensely.  After which, I attended my semi-regular Tuesday evening Hot Yoga 101 class. Even after some pretty intense work in the class, my thighs/quads no longer have the intense post work achne (the technical term for it will be DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness) that will take me the entire evening and the good part of the following day to recover from. I have always had tight hamstrings and quads which I finally realised was a result of inadequate post workout stretching from my running and spinning days. The increased flexibility from holding stretches 3 to 5 mins is real indeed. Not to mention feeling much lighter and more relaxed for the rest of the day, and enjoying improved sleep.

I have decided to incorporate Yin to be part of my regular yoga ‘programming’ as I target to do it once every 2 to 3 weeks. Plus waking up early and going for the early 1015 Hrs Sunday morning class at Gulliemard is a great way to re-adjust my bio-clock and sleep patterns – as well as to re-connect with my body and wind down the weekend.

Before March comes to an end, I also hope to try another new type of class (most likely Hot 26) -which is part of my personal goal/resolution to try 1 new class every month.


10 Days Into September ….

Pretty busy month in August with work keeping me occupied enough …… while my personal time management leaves much to be desired.

Essentially, I have been gradually straying from continually building/re-building good habits and maintaining a steady morning/work/exercise routine. To the extent that I have yet to get the yoga membership done up to start proper after talking about it from end July till now *gasp*

So I guess its a testament to how FAST time really files as we are 10 days into September! Pretty eventful start to September as of all things, laptop went dead on me over the weekend …… which means another breakdown for the Lenovo for the 2nd time in less than 2 years since it was bought, sigh. And so this means having to drop almost everything and get the laptop fixed ASAP – as I use it for work/business. Very bad timing as I had intended to get some strategic/planning work and paperwork (business placement) done.

Despite, all the bad, after going down to the Lenovo Service Centre @ Paya Lebar on Monday afternoon …… and explaining my situation to the staff there (not before some argument about the warranty registration which was due to some mix up in records on Lenovo’s end), I managed to get the repairs expedited. They replaced the hard disk (as the original hard disk failed) ASAP and I managed to collect it by Tuesday afternoon. At the same time, I was also able to pop by client’s office in the East to get a renewal cheque in. So it did not turn out to be so bad after all *grateful*

Got it back, struggled with paperwork and came to a realisation that P**S’s business placement processes need to be greatly improved as everything is too manual and requirements too rigid. If not, its time to walk! Spoke a bit with C on Friday evening in the office …… and came to a realization about a problematic client that I have been dealing with. (Note to self: Will tackle this issue after much procrastinating/sitting on it asap).

Finally have the long weekend to properly catch up on some strategic/planning work, and properly review/track my work/business …… as well as to finish up the 1st round of online assessment (mandatory T&C requirement). And also to rest/relax my mind, do some enjoyable stuff before another work week beckons!

Computer Problems & More Frustration

When one breaks down …. all starts to follow. What an irony!

The last time I brought my laptop down to Acer for servicing was probably year 2010/2011 (definitely before the end of my 3 year warranty) …… and things have been pretty smooth since then.

However around 3 Sundays ago, while working on something (for an undesirable person), accidentally spilled Milo on the keyboard, and the Acer was wonky/unstable right after that.

To cut the story short, resolved the problem temporarily with a wireless keyboard, and managed to do one back-up of my documents. Everything seemed ok after that (except for some stuck keys on the keyboard that no longer work) until on Sunday night …… the laptop repeatedly flashed going to sleep, but still I managed to shut down without any problems.

However, after deciding to make good use of Monday to get some work in, carried both laptop and wireless keyboard to office, only for the laptop not being able to start up (after a few beep sounds). Since it was already 5+ coming to 6 years old …… no point trying to repair it. Instead just have to bring foward my plans to buy a new one and off I went to Funan in the afternoon.

Got a Lenovo Flex 2 14 after walking 1 round at Funan, and happily went home and managed to get it started up. Then all of a sudden, after going into sleep mode (as battery went dead), upon restarting, the wireless signal was gone!

Troubleshooted for the whole of Tuesday morning, lots of screaming over the phone, cabbed down to Lenovo service centre in the afternoon for further diagnostic troubleshooting. Apparently the technicians had problem reformatting the laptop using the onekey recovery button (unique to lenovo) and as updated to me over phone this morning – they can’t reformat using the CD either.

So it is a wireless card issue (hardware) and maybe a software/installation(microsoft) issue as well. Opted for 1 for 1 exchange so that I can get a new machine faster (am allowed to change for a new machine within 7 days of purchase as per Lenovo T&C as versus to parts replacement once proven it is a hardware malfunction).

And so tried to open my Seagate Freeagent Portable on the home computer just now ….. and the USB doesn’t work! Viola! How on earth am I going to retrieve my back-up data now ??????????

The last thing I definitely need is everything (tech related and all) breaking down at the same time. This is so disruptive to my work! Frustration coming up to infinity – where time wasted, money, lagging productivity, delayed plans are concerned!

Seriously wonder when this bad luck patch will come to an end …… and when will I see the ‘rainbow’ at the end of the tunnel!

Further Note: Felt that all these terrible luck came as a result of me changing the locating of my rainbow calligraphy (from left side of desk to top left corner of partition). Felt really uncomfortable and so made a trip back office late afternoon yesterday (Deepavali PH) to clear the desk a bit and put the calligraphy back to its ‘rightful’ place ……

Maiden Blog From iPhone

1st entry from iPhone after sorting out itunes verification and a busy flurry of application downloading yesterday 🙂

Installed WordPress app for iPhone last night .. Sure beats slow-coach blogging using Notes function anytime ..

Utilizing data plan to blog on the MRT now .. Shall keep this short and sweet .. OK, just thought more applications to d/l .. ebook (to keep to reading resolution), office apps to edit work, financial caculators etc. ……….

New Gadget – iPhone!

After more than 1/2 year of researching (started around the time contract ended last April) .. reading .. talking to people .. phone window seeing/shopping etc. ….. my choice of a new phone (over the next 2-3 years) narrowed down to ……….

Blackberry Storm 2 / Blackberry 9520 (as stated in M1’s ads)

Blackberry Bold 9700

iPhone 3GS

Yes people, I did initially say that I will not get an iPhone (due to some initial slight negativity towards the Apple brand) …… however when they decided to release it to M1 and Starhub as well, I forsaw a price war (and more competitive handset prices to follow) and so took a wait and see attitude and true enough, M1 and Starhub really threw the gradulet to Singtel (original ‘monopoly’) …… so what does it tell you? Competition is good 😀

The last round of selection (by then after M1 released the BB Storm 2 post CNY), I decided it was between BB Bold 9700 (better specs than Storm 2) and iPhone ….. but the overly small keypad of BB Bold lost out to the easier to use touch-screen based iPhone in the end 🙂

Anyway as a result of price competition, it has become a norm in the office to own a iPhone (or a smartphone that is touch screen based) so like what we always say …. when in rome, do what romans do .. if you can’t quit em, join em ….. Thus endured a 1 hour wait @ M1 on Monday evening to get my hands on it 😛 …..

So iPhone 3GS (White) …. here I come!

After waiting 1 more day for transfer of plan to take effect, silly me spent 1/2 hour in the morning trying to figure out how to insert SIM Card (forgot the instruction given by M1 staff on Monday) … in the end, called friend who told me to google the youtube video and then got a colleague to help me to open up the slot using paperclip …..

Next step is figuring out how to start sychronizing everything from old phone + sync outlook, calendar, d/l necessary applications etc. … Tried to come up with a draft blog entry whilst on MRT earlier, took very long just to type out 3 paragraphs so will blog strictly using laptop/desktop for now 😛

Terminal Laptop

It is with great sadness that I annouce that laptop is officially terminal …….. (after skipping PD Day. sleeping in, calling in Acer hotline & trouble-shooting over phone etc.)

So its delayed lunch …… then to Acer service centre …… then to office to wipe off the dust from the IBM ……….

Such disruption is really a drag when you are already struggling with work, study,exercise, personal life etc. ……..

Of course I hope that there will be a silver lining at the end …… more time to study and declutter the ‘flab’ & ‘mess’ in my life for the next couple of days, mmmmmm


Anyway after changing my sun appt like again (got a massive headachne when woke up coz’ didnt sleep well the night before) ….. I finally got my haircut on Mon evening ……..

One Down …… Another To Go ……

Trooped through the crowds in SITEX (held @ expo) yesterday (Sat) afternoon and got my laptop within an hour …… So this marks ONE MAJOR ITEM down on my list + an early christmas present for myself (since travel plans will only happen from next year so no more major expenditures for now) ……

As posted here previously *drum rolls* …… I got the Acer Travelmate 6292 in the end as it was the laptop that fitted within my expected budget and the one that was the most ‘value-for-money’ option …… the other one that I narrowed down was the oh-so-sleek looking Asus F9Sg … really nice laptop and it does have the better parts/components e.g. dedicated Nivida graphics card as compared to my eventual buy BUT overall package was not as good as a deal as Acer (Got $100 off brochure price + for the free/complimentary gift, I took the extended warranty for another 2 years) + generally most people that I know who have been using Acer laptops / computers have found them generally reliable and durable (lasting 3 years or more) …… And so managed to come to a decision after walking 1 round (within 1/2 to 1 hour or so I guess) ……

Heard of another friend’s friend who decided to get hers on the very last day at 8pm (expecting final day clearance and price slashing) …… At the time of writing (10+), I would think by now my pricing would most probbaly be not the best price as there would be some last hour slashing of prices (so as to clear stocks) but then EXPO is on the other end of the island (which is 1 hour on MRT) so decided getting it on Sat was probbably the best option (planned to go in the morning but went back to sleep after checking SMS so ended up going after lunch instead) …… Was sure crowded to the brim and claustophric (could barely squeeze past the Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo booths) + wasnt feeling that great (time of the month had to strike right at this time as well, damn) so got whatever I set out to buy, redeemed my free gifts and cabbed home with colleague (too lazy to explain the long story on how come I ended up paying $20 for cab – it was $40 all the way to Jurong, being splitting between 2 of us) ……

Since time of the month have to strike right at this time also (but nevertheless would clear before my half-marathon this Sunday), I thank my blessings ……. Hmm, a sign that I should go buy some 4D and Toto yah 😛 …… Anyway the rest of the weekend was thus delegated to playing ard my new laptop as a result of the heavy flow and queasy stomach ………