Skipping Over February

Finally have the time, space and energy to sit down to do a blog entry proper! Now where did February go? Definitely the 1st time in a long while that I didn't blog (or rather didn't manage to blog anything) in 1 entire month and the time just went by like that ...... January ended with … Continue reading Skipping Over February

10 Days Into September ….

Pretty busy month in August with work keeping me occupied enough ...... while my personal time management leaves much to be desired. Essentially, I have been gradually straying from continually building/re-building good habits and maintaining a steady morning/work/exercise routine. To the extent that I have yet to get the yoga membership done up to start … Continue reading 10 Days Into September ….

Computer Problems & More Frustration

When one breaks down .... all starts to follow. What an irony! The last time I brought my laptop down to Acer for servicing was probably year 2010/2011 (definitely before the end of my 3 year warranty) ...... and things have been pretty smooth since then. However around 3 Sundays ago, while working on something … Continue reading Computer Problems & More Frustration

Maiden Blog From iPhone

1st entry from iPhone after sorting out itunes verification and a busy flurry of application downloading yesterday 🙂 Installed WordPress app for iPhone last night .. Sure beats slow-coach blogging using Notes function anytime .. Utilizing data plan to blog on the MRT now .. Shall keep this short and sweet .. OK, just thought … Continue reading Maiden Blog From iPhone

One Down …… Another To Go ……

Trooped through the crowds in SITEX (held @ expo) yesterday (Sat) afternoon and got my laptop within an hour ...... So this marks ONE MAJOR ITEM down on my list + an early christmas present for myself (since travel plans will only happen from next year so no more major expenditures for now) ...... As … Continue reading One Down …… Another To Go ……