Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

A good 4 + months since the last photo challenge and so, its time for another one!

Although I’m late by a week, this challenge really speaks out to me as 2017 has been pretty much a ‘GREEN’ year for me!

Starting from Li Chun 2017 where the lucky colour for my zodiac is green, and I wore green to bank in my money. In terms of money inflow for this year, so far so far. Customs aside, the more important is to keep an abundance mindset.

And of course, when I finally decided to use some of my shopping vouchers to get a yoga towel (i.e. got a Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel eventually) – it was co-incidentally green as well. Together with my Yoga Inc umbrella (free gift from package purchase) – that was also green!

So we have 2 different shades of green here 😛

Still on Yoga Inc. Always love practicing at Gulliemard Branch where it feels more rustic, calm and serene. Especially when I go for Sunday morning YIN class.

Spotted this cute little swing (also in green) when I left the studio after class to go towards the same gate to get to Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Finally non-yoga related. A bowl of healthy and hearty bibimbap with lots of greens from Paik’s Bibim (a franchise outlet of Baek Jong Won’s Food Empire from South Korea).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

1st Photo Challenge in a long long while.

Finally managed to find some photos that fit into this week’s theme – Chaos.

As documented on this blog, around this time last year (1st half of November 2015), I had my 11 day vacation to Japan. Had intended to do a summary/round-up of day trip to Karuizawa (from Tokyo) but it came to nil as I’m blogging a lot lesser these days.  And so, this will serve in part as part walk down memory lane / reminiscence of my trip last year 🙂

This was on the early part of our walk/hike around the Kyu-Karuizawa Area.




Withered trees and a-almost deserted road ……



Deserted houses covered up by overgrown trees/autumn leaves ……


Another ‘deserted’ house we came across later along the hike to the pond.

I would term this as peace amongst chaos. While the walking/hiking trail looked messy due to the overgrown trees …… however it felt very peaceful walking through while enjoying the crisp clean air (as Karuizawa is a mountain resort in Nagano Prefecture).

The original challenge entry here

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

Back with yet another photo challenge entry. And this time round, I managed to get a photo whilst doing my outdoor run on Tues evening ……


This is a sculpture located at a block of stairs out the Asian Civilisation Museum. There used to be an Indochine Outlet right above the steps but looks like it has closed down, thus rather empty surroundings.

The dimmed lights all around did give the sculpture a nice spotlight effect, thus stopped my run a bit and took a picture to use for this photo challenge (entirely unplanned and spontaneous photo taking :P).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Japan Edition

Taking a break from my travel entries to do another weekly photo challenge entry. Time for some cover worthy pictures!

Was browsing through Japan Guide website yesterday and came across this Kyoto feature. Realised that I had a similar shot of Tenryuji Temple taken during my trip last year – taken from outside the temple where the room acts as a sort of ‘frame’ for the Koyo/Autumn Leaves. After some post-editing using Snapseed to submit this picture for a photo contest a couple month back, the colours looked pretty similar post-editing to the one highlighted in Japan Guide. Also mine was taken on 20th November 2013 …… just a few days apart. Nice co-incidence 🙂

2014-01-29 14.05.54

Another one of my favourite shots, also taken in Kyoto …… when I was leaving Kiyomizudera. Unlike the 1st picture, no filter for this.


And also my favourite ‘egg-yolk’ sunset shot taken on top of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel in Osaka. Similarly, no filter. Used this as the cover photo for my personal facebook as well 🙂


And one more …… this time from my 2012 Winter trip. One of my favourites as well of the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building. Took this as we took the short walk from our hotel (Shinjuku Washington) to the observatory located in this building. The juxtaposition of the winter trees shorn of its leaves contrasted against the building was just perfect ……


The original photo challenge entry here

Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 6


Night-time beckons! The sky only really starts to darken a little after 7pm …… and you can see the buildings (on the Hong Kong island side) stating to light up!

Avenue of Stars

Finally the sky turns red as it officially transitions into nightime!


The office buildings in Central (you can see Bank of China Tower and IFC in the distance) lighted up.


And one of my favourite shots as I start to walk back towards where I came from ……


Managed yet another panorama shot as well ……


Soon it was about time to make my way back to the MTR station (Tsim Sha Tsui). The beautifully lighted up Hong Kong Space Museum, and across the road – the majestic looking Peninsula Hotel.


As much as Peninsula Hotel is right across the road (thus within distance to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station) …… However this is FAR from so as there is no traffic light leading to Peninsula Hotel. The nearest one is some distance away at Salisbury Road, which leads back to Star House and Harbour City. So there begins my long arduous walk down the underpass from the Space Museum back to the MTR Station.

Was really really tired when I finally reached Central MTR around 8-plus. Decided to pack dinner and make the slow walk up the Mid-Levels Escalator back to the apartment. Had Roast Goose rice in mind for dinner. Actually got down the escalator halfway to get onto Wellington Street (Where Mak’s Noodles and Tsim Chai Kee are located). Ended up walking all the way down to Yung Kee while not managing to find the shop that I was really looking for – Yat Lok. Stopped at the escalator once more to google for the exact address …… only to find out it is actually located at Stanley Street. And with the help of google maps – realised that Stanley Street is actually 1 street before Wellington Street itself.

And so walked back to Yat Lok and managed to pack the Roast Goose rice I wanted. And then after yet another long walk up the escalator, got back to the apartment early (a little after 9) …… and finally got to rest and enjoy my roast goose rice dinner (to local TVB Drama) after a long long day!


Sidenote: The review of Yat Lok came from here – as they are touted to be a cheaper yet comparable (or even better) where roast goose is concerned. True enough, Yat Lok is very much favoured by locals as I saw a small quene at the entrance. And I must say, for HKD49, the roast goose rice is not expensive at all, lots of rice and sufficient amount of roast goose meat. Didn’t need a big portion as I already had dim sum at Harbour City earlier.

Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 5


Picture heavy entry next! Just Day 2’s entry feels long, thinking about it now – I actually covered a lot for Day 2 (and even SM thinks so too! Heh) ……

The main intention of me planning a visit to the Tsum Sha Tsui Promenade is to catch the ‘Golden Hour’ and enjoy the Hong Kong skyline, and to take beautiful sunset photos and detail the change of sky colours.

It was already around 1815 to 1820 Hrs when I started my walk down the promenade. Unlike my past 2 trips to Japan where sunset started as early at at 1645 Hrs, with the sky completely pitch dark by 1800 Hrs …… Hong Kong is such a huge contrast! It was still clear and bright at 6-plus in the evening, very much like Singapore. I guess it is because it is summer season now (the sunset should be slightly earlier during winter season in HK though) ……


There is a viewing platform right outside the Cultural Centre …… and so I walked up the stairs onto the platform proper. As I walked down the viewing platform, looked towards the direction of the Star Ferry Terminal and I was right in the direction of the sun – which is just beginning to set. Perfect!


Processed with Moldiv

A great crowd gathered at the viewing platform to catch the sunset/golden hour just like me! Managed a decent panorama shot on my iPhone as well 😀


Managed to get a selfie in, with the help of some kind Korean tourists 🙂


Spotted various yachts and cruise ships in various forms. The pink one is a harbour cruise tour Star Ferry runs in the evening …… The red junket is probably by another operator – looked into the inside and it looked pretty luxurious. It is also starting to turn dark judging from the colour of the clouds.

2014-10-04 13.17.55

2014-10-05 15.36.16

Approaching the Avenue of Stars as evening beckons! Didn’t manage to walk down as far as to here until this trip 😛 ….. Saw the iconic Bruce Lee statue and lots of tourists posing with the statues as well 😛

Processed with Moldiv

And what is Avenue of Stars without the stars handprints and footprints ……

2014-10-05 15.57.25

Hong Kong & Macau 2014: Day 2 Clear Skies Part 4


Doing one of my favourite activities – which is taking the ferry across Victoria Harbour to Kowloon side. And slowly taking in views of Hong Kong Island from the ferry itself.

2014-09-29 20.01.14

Having taken a lot of pictures in my last trip (Year 2009) – felt less of the need to take so much this time round 😛

The good thing about taking the Star Ferry is that not only its a great way to experience a part of old Hong Kong, but also Harbour City is right at the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry terminal. Have not been to Harbour City prior to this trip, and so decided to make time to check out this shopping complex and find a place for tea break.

Upon alighting at the ferry terminal, there was some busking going on. And just a walk down, its Harbour City!

2014-09-29 20.06.35

It was already around 445pm when I stepped into Harbour City proper. As lunch earlier at Langham Place was pretty early around 12+ …… decided to hunt for an eating place and I already had Dim Sum Bar in mind – thanks to my favourite food blogger’s review here.

Very very long walk ….. as Harbour City itself is humongously huge! And got lost a few times even despite having a map of the mall and asking the ushers/information counter staff :P. Saw a viewing gallery right along level 2 (somewhere near the art gallery), and walked out to take some shots.

2014-10-01 01.17.17

Nice clear bright day. Loved the shot with the clouds overlooking the Star Cruise ship parked right at the Harbour City Terminal.

After another 15 min walk, finally reached Dim Sum Bar right at the other end of Harbour City – where you have to cross the road to get to the Arcade side, where the restaurant is located. And this is not before falling down on my knees while crossing the road (Yes, I really fell, think lost concentration for a moment :P) ……

Pretty empty at 5-plus (dinner crowd comes in closer to 6pm as mentioned by the waitress). To my disappointment, didn’t see the menu indicating the buffet dinner promotion. Confirmed with the waitress that the buffet is only served during off-seasons (that’s why their Facebook page also does not indicate as well). I really should have called to check (or asked questions on Facebook to double confirm) …… for I was really looking foward to the buffet (close to 200 HKD to try out 20 odd different dim sum is not a bad deal) and was willing to starve myself and have a early dinner for it. Oh well ……

And since I have already walked all the way (and fell as well!), might as well just try 1 or 2 items. The big pot of tea (which was compulsory) kept me pretty full so only ordered 1 portion of siew mai (just normal prawn and pork, with scallop on top. No fusion siew mai with truffle unlike what the reviews stated) and a chicken wrapped with cabbage (ah, at least something different from the traditional dim sum). The thing about eating dim sum alone is such that just 2 plates and you are already full! Would have loved to order the glutinous rice as well, but it is really too much for 1 person.


Note: Harbour City was also doing an Instragram campaign with food as the theme. So did up the collage using my portable wifi and IG-ed it for fun. Hehe

And so this is my 1st dim sum meal of the trip. They actually have a pretty extensive menu – place is modern looking and classy, given the location, prices are definitely on the higher end but still worth a try. Thinking about it now, if I knew there wasn’t a buffet, would have come here for dinner instead so that I can also check out some of the mains and seasonal menu 😛

Finished my meal close to 5.45pm, paid my bill, packed a box of the baked barbeque pork cream buns (thought it was unique) and left to walk the long way back to where I came from.

Saw another splanking new shopping centre right behind Harbour City itself, along Canton Road ……


Walked around Harbour City a bit more, mainly branded stores (which I’m not interested to buy). Tried looking for another Western Cafe to get a coffee, but found none (recall there was a Greyhound Cafe somewhere at the Gateway Terminal side – facing the Star Cruise ship but the walk was so long that I gave up!) …… And so one last look at the Star Ferry pier before I left Harbour City towards my next destination – The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Avenue of Stars!


A short walk further down the Star Ferry Pier – the icnonic Clock Tower which marks the start of the my walk down the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. The odd-shaped building (which resembles a ski slope) is the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.