Japan 2018: Mount Hakodate

One of places that was a must-visit for me in Hokkaido was Mount Hakodate - well known for having one of Japan's best 3 night views. And the best/most recommended way to get to Mount Hakodate was via ropeway. On hindsight, October would have been a better month to visit both Hokkaido and Tohoku due … Continue reading Japan 2018: Mount Hakodate

Earth Pig Year

As I write now, technically we are still in the Chinese New Year season (today is the 9th day of CNY, with 6 more days to go). Side Note: Originally drafted this on Saturday, but got 'stuck' half-way into the entry. And so doing a rewrite of sorts now. The CNY festivities actually started last … Continue reading Earth Pig Year

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

Catching up on my blog after a very long week! Meant to do another photo collage but as Wednesday had past, this was slightly overdue 😛 Decided to do a tiled gallery theme for this entry - as versus to my usual combining of photos into a Photo Collage app such as Instamag, PhotoGrid. The … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

May Reminiscence: Bali 2017

2 mins to the end of May and here I go to log in a blog entry (in order not to leave the month of May 'completely blank) ...... Now where did ALL the time in May go? Ended April & Started May in Bali - my only holiday for year 2017 so far (with … Continue reading May Reminiscence: Bali 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

A good 4 + months since the last photo challenge and so, its time for another one! Although I'm late by a week, this challenge really speaks out to me as 2017 has been pretty much a 'GREEN' year for me! Starting from Li Chun 2017 where the lucky colour for my zodiac is green, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

1st Photo Challenge in a long long while. Finally managed to find some photos that fit into this week's theme - Chaos. As documented on this blog, around this time last year (1st half of November 2015), I had my 11 day vacation to Japan. Had intended to do a summary/round-up of day trip to Karuizawa … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos