More Friday thoughts! First, according to Cambridge dictionary, the chinese translation for Ego equates to 自我中心;自负;自尊心 Disclaimer - my week was alright this week. Its just that from some observations, I started to think about Ego vs Humility, and so yesterday night my brain got overactive again. This Ego vs Humility issue is also a … Continue reading Ego

Look Beyond The Surface

I'm sure you would definitely have come across this picture in various SNS As per the title of this entry, this picture brings forth the question - what do we see beyond the surface? After all, it is very easy to just judge/envy someone based on what they appear on the surface - after all … Continue reading Look Beyond The Surface

Re-Establishing A Reading Habit

As mentioned in my last entry - a perpetual new year resolution / goal is always to read more. When I say read - I mean to say read actual books. In addition to the above, one bad habit that I have is that I tend to read a book half-way, only to get distracted … Continue reading Re-Establishing A Reading Habit

Updated Vision Board

Finally got my Vision Board updated over the weekend (originally intended to do it at the beginning of the year itself). It has been a good 2 years since I have 1st started the 30DLBL program ...... and many things have changed/evolved since. And so its about time for an update to better reflect my … Continue reading Updated Vision Board

A Letter From March 20th, 2016

This was part of the 30DLBL program that I was doing in the earlier part of the year - where one of the tasks involved writing a letter to my future self 6 months down the road. This came into my mailbox 2 days ago on 20th September - Tuesday evening to be precise while I … Continue reading A Letter From March 20th, 2016

Re-Looking At My 2015 Goals & Plans

As always, time files in a whirl. We are already 2 months past year 2015 (too fast to be true) ...... and into the 3rd month (already 8 days into March *gasp*) ...... and very soon, the end of a quarter to year 2015. Rather than doing the same old - which is writing down … Continue reading Re-Looking At My 2015 Goals & Plans