Look Beyond The Surface

I'm sure you would definitely have come across this picture in various SNS As per the title of this entry, this picture brings forth the question - what do we see beyond the surface? After all, it is very easy to just judge/envy someone based on what they appear on the surface - after all … Continue reading Look Beyond The Surface

Re-Establishing A Reading Habit

As mentioned in my last entry - a perpetual new year resolution / goal is always to read more. When I say read - I mean to say read actual books. In addition to the above, one bad habit that I have is that I tend to read a book half-way, only to get distracted … Continue reading Re-Establishing A Reading Habit

Updated Vision Board

Finally got my Vision Board updated over the weekend (originally intended to do it at the beginning of the year itself). It has been a good 2 years since I have 1st started the 30DLBL program ...... and many things have changed/evolved since. And so its about time for an update to better reflect my … Continue reading Updated Vision Board

A Letter From March 20th, 2016

This was part of the 30DLBL program that I was doing in the earlier part of the year - where one of the tasks involved writing a letter to my future self 6 months down the road.┬áThis came into my mailbox 2 days ago on 20th September - Tuesday evening to be precise while I … Continue reading A Letter From March 20th, 2016

Re-Looking At My 2015 Goals & Plans

As always, time files in a whirl. We are already 2 months past year 2015 (too fast to be true) ...... and into the 3rd month (already 8 days into March *gasp*) ...... and very soon, the end of a quarter to year 2015. Rather than doing the same old - which is writing down … Continue reading Re-Looking At My 2015 Goals & Plans

Tuesday Musings: Your Baby Is Ugly

Came across another interesting sales motivation/self-development article from one of the newsletters that I subscribe to. http://thesalesblog.com/blog/2014/11/21/your-baby-is-ugly/ This article rings hollow to a certain extent as part of my work involves telling prospects/clients the 'truth' - as versus to telling them what they want/like to hear. Selling Financial Services involves a certain degree of responsibility … Continue reading Tuesday Musings: Your Baby Is Ugly