The Odaiba Co-Incidence

Over the last weekend, I ended up spending the entire Sunday afternoon watching old Japanese dramas on youtube (until my eyes started to hurt from staring at the laptop screen :P). On another note, it does feel nice to finally watch a drama proper as I have not been doing so for the past 1/2 … Continue reading The Odaiba Co-Incidence

Tour de France Food List

Whilst watching an exciting Tour de France mountain climbing stage right now on Eurosports (Ch205) ..... someone had posted on Facebook a food list from on the types of food that a typical elite rider will be eating ...... The types of superfood listed include - Green Tea, Lead Carbs (very impt for … Continue reading Tour de France Food List

Breaking The Monkey + Sports News Update

Just want to make a quick note here that Liverpool has finally broken 'their monkey' ..... Well in case you wonder what is the great big deal ...... considering all the press was about Rafael Benitez possibly going out of a job like soon ..... guess THIS is what they need to do yeah (its … Continue reading Breaking The Monkey + Sports News Update

Witnessing CHANGE ……

A non-bitchy/non-complaint post for once πŸ˜› I am now watching the US Presidential Inauguration Ceremony live on CNN right now (its too sobering to watch BOTH ceremony and Dow Jones/S&P500 dipping into red territory at the same time so CNN, rather than CNBC is the choice channel haha) ...... At point of writing, Joe Biden … Continue reading Witnessing CHANGE ……