End of August

Once again its high time to wipe some dust off this blog …… before the clock strikes 12 😛

To sum it up …… August was a pretty ‘action-packed’ month ……

1. Moved one step further in client reviews/proposals

2. Took 2 back to back trips – Hong Kong & Bali

3. Caught a flu in Bali ….. subsequently took another week off – a bit of a low point after the holiday high 😦

4. Had to contend with some very ridiculous behavior – another low point

5. Started drama marathon again

6. Successfully re-kick started my exercise/workout regime after 2 weeks of inactivity (Bali & Flu)

7. Passed my CFP Module 5 (truly a miracle considering the internal stress/pressure I was feeling intensely juggling studying and work)

No matter what, on 2nd thought, I am glad that I have gotten away from Singapore and also taken the additional one week off work to fully rest & recover …… and at the time of writing, I have just returned home from gym workout, satisfied my dumpling craving and had a warm bowl of home-cooked noodles …….

Moving into the last quarter of the year, its time to chiong once again ! (in terms of work wise and personal development wise)


In Need of Some Study Motivation ……

This time round (exam on 26th July) …… I don’t seem to have the motivation to do the 1 hour b4 bedtime study schedule …… Is it the ‘complacency’ that this time round, for this module, a lot lesser to cover hence can take my time …… Just don’t have the momentum to do the 8 hours per week planned schedule  ……

Need to get my act together man!

Exams Over !

I hereby officially proclaim exams to be over! Hehe ….

The next thing I proceed to do over the post exam weekend is to skip gym and went on a E.U marathon ….. FYI, E.U just finished its run in HK 2 weeks ago,more on that later …..

Back to Business today …… but 1st thing is to have found out about a small mistake made by the admin + have to tell off a provider over her lack of response and service ….. what a start to a new work week, haiz ……

Study Break Update

Have taken the past 2 days (Thurs  & Fri) off to concentrate on last min revision for exam this Sat …. Yes, D-Day is THIS SAT ….. can’t wait for it to get out of the way so that I can pick back up the momentum of work and other social activities ……

Was supposed to do a spin class just now at Raffles but ended up sleeping in 😛 …… been such a slouch when it comes to gymming/exercise ….. only did a slow run on Tues and ended up with slight hip pain on the right side, sighz …… Anyway still have some chapters/areas to go through again (i.e. the chapters that I am weaker in – based on the results from the mock exam questions) so may be a better decision to stay home to study after all (considering that the notes are in ONE THICK RING FOLDER) and save some travel time ……

So it has basically been eat, sleep, study, watch tv cycle ………

I cant wait to get going once exams are out of the way! Hope to get down to my Quarter 1 review and Quarter 2 planning post exams 🙂

The Countdown Begins ……

Exam begins 2 weeks from now ….. let the countdown begin !!

Completing the last bit of syllabus ….. time to hit the sample exam questions ……. pretty much on schedule ……

I realised that I havent been reading any proper book as the only thing I read these days is my CFP notes …..  shall buy a new book as a reward after exams finish, hehe …….

Sometimes, when you know that you have done your best and put in your best efforts, we can only hope for the bestest outcome possible …… whatever happens will happen ……. a case I had worked hard on did not get through in the end (because the bank could not agree with the valuers on the property type) ….. I was ok about it, as at this stage, this is out of my control, as both me (and client concerned) knew that we had done our best …… I just hope that the rest of the remaining deals will go smoothly after this ‘bump’ …..

Totally random rambling aside, I guess at times, the question we ask ourselves, have we really really did our best? Any regrets that your best may not be enough?

Food for thought!

To Be A Problem Solver …

One big kick I get is to be a problem-solver (i.e. especially in work and some aspects of personal life) …… it is always better to be able to do something to rectify/improve/resolve the situation as versus to being part of the problem …….

Anyway please do note that posting such a topic IS NOT a hint NOR trying to attack anyone in particular (although truth be told, this disclaimer is absolutely necessary just in case some readers have the mistaken notion that such an entry is to attack/suan someone ….. which is well ludicrous coz’ this is my own blog, well I guess like what I always tell friends/colleagues, never try to be gei kiang lor coz’ assumption is indeed the mother of all fuck-ups and misunderstandings, experience will testify to that) ……

Anyway that aside, came across this piece in weekly company newsleter so here it goes ……

Problem Solving

Often by ignoring problems, we allow them to grow. Resolution should be quick so that problems do not become overwhelming. While the problem is still relatively small, attempt to decipher exactly what would be needed to have it resolved for good. Ascertaining this information before you begin is actually the first step to ensuring that the problem is rendered powerless. Acting quickly will also guarantee that the problem hasn’t gotten completely out of hand. Here are a few tips on effective problem solving:

Get all the facts
Weigh up all the facts – then come to a decision
Once a decision is reached – ACT!!
Answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • What are the causes of the problem?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • What is the best possible solution?

Source: The Dale Carnegie Course®


Another new week begins ….. one very impt thing to do, finish up the syllabus and get started on mock exam questions (CFP) ….. and look for financial caculator (for CFP exam as well) …….

One Month On …… Should I?

It has been one month since this incident …… A thought flew into me over the course of the week – should I do a follow-up since it has been one month since I have decided to ‘leave them alone’ after the unpleasantness of that incident (not sure about them but I was somehwat pissed/annoyed/disappointed) ……

Should I take the initiative to talk to them about this issue and the originally proposed review (why they are so hesitant) …… on one hand, is it I was too hasty (I did mention that I would have preferred to see them before CNY, did they have the impression that I am pushing too hard?) …… but on the other hand, this was proposed in late dec/1st week of Jan so adequate time advance planning is already factored for …… and the FACT is that I have been busy post CNY – especially for the past 2 weeks when we started running phase 2 of Project X (as expected which is why I wanted to do the review in January as scheduled/detailed in my business planning) …… so in the very first place, I shouldn’t even have to feel guilty (or rather made to feel guilty) for someone’s overreaction to a 4-10 line news report / behavioural finance problems …….

Having said that, client will NEVER say that he/she overreacted and is sorry (ego ? face ?) ….. whatever it is, damage already done …… one month already given for both parties to ‘cool down’ ……. Hence should I take the initiative?

On an unrelated note, I havent been good with my CFP study plan 😦 …… 1 hour every day has become a spordiac 1 hour on odd days (as I have skipped tues, wed, thurs) …… and a bit behind intended schedule ….. so 2 hours today? Or time to re-evaluate and make changes to study plan?

Before I forget, TGIF Folks!