Friday The 13th

Welcoming the weekend on a slightly sombre note (and unable to sleep) after a pretty shitty day (Thursday) as the following unfolded: Missed my morning alarm again – set it for 0815 hrs, snoozed it until I finally woke up at 0855 hrs. (At this point, not so s**t yet) By the time I had … More Friday The 13th

Difficult Clients

Having some problem dealing with a difficult client …… and this problem resurfaced again mid-week, after a good 5 months of complete silence (on the client’s part). Not picking up calls, not confirming/keeping to appointments is another. What is even WORSE than the already mentioned 2 points is giving excuses along the lines of ‘sorry … More Difficult Clients


Pretty shitty week …… but thank god for the long weekend to make my week a lot better than how it started! As how things are with daily life, there are times where you experience highs (to the extent of extreme highs even) …… followed by a lull and a period of down. After a … More Bummed