Friday The 13th

Welcoming the weekend on a slightly sombre note (and unable to sleep) after a pretty shitty day (Thursday) as the following unfolded:

Missed my morning alarm again – set it for 0815 hrs, snoozed it until I finally woke up at 0855 hrs. (At this point, not so s**t yet)

By the time I had my quickie breakfast (black coffee + bread with peanut butter), packed, changed and left my house, it was already 0935 hrs. Product kickoff that I signed up for starts at 0930 hrs!!!! Already running late but still thought I could reach at 1000 hrs if I managed to get a taxi/Grabcar. So skipped my usual morning mediation and left the house.

Decided that it wasn’t worth it to spend $20 on a ra-ra kind of waste time launch/kickoff event …… and so MRT-ed in to Tanjong Pagar. Reached Tanjong Pagar around 1020-ish. Decided to pop by Duxton to pick up a premium cheque (+ forms) so that I need not walk out from office again post lunch. On my way back, popped by lululemon to look at yoga mats again (still agnonizing over lululemon vs Manuka Prolite).

Got to office around 11, and started to get ready client paperwork (that was prepared yesterday) to submit.

1st major disturbance came about when U**le A called and started complaining about why the insurer was so slow to settle his claims (mis-matched expectation as said person interprets 14 working days as 14 calendar days despite the fact that there were 2 public holidays in lieu, and not forgetting weekends). Rather than listening to my instruction proper on getting the ‘correct full settlement’ receipt that insurer insists they need (but somehow they did not have the courtesy to inform the client), said person started rambling/complaining about forking out $$ for follow up consultations/tests/scans for post cancer follow-up treatment. This is despite me already laying down the marker that these post follow-up costs are NOT CLAIMABLE if there was no stated major outpatient procedure/related hospitalisation involved – as per Integrated Shield Plan T&C. I’m neither a doctor nor a claims officer who can make decision on this matter, but as far as I’m concerned, this T&C has been highlighted to him loud and clear (and in the presence of spouse and children too). In the end I ended off the conversation abruptly by saying I’m not a doctor who can advise on what treatment he needs, and I need to clear some documents before my 1215 lunch appointment. Hate it when people try their luck to manipulate situations to their advantage (Between D thinks said person just needs help and I shouldn’t be so sensitive).

Then around 12, client called and asked me to hold on to the paperwork and not submit it because he/she is concerned about market volatility now in view of some Trump remarks again (and this is after insisting that analysts have said US Market will rally in Q1). If you do not know how to market time, do not be a smart-aleck. And if you cannot take risk, just don’t invest. Don’t be so selfish, fickle-minded and inconsiderate to others – especially after spending 2 hours of my life on Wed doing unproductive paperwork for your fund switching (not 100% client’s fault, 50% is because my company makes the processes more tedious and cumbersome).

And finally, the next bomb! Over lunch with S, S asked me about clients who talk crudely (esp. over whatsapp) and I mentioned this fella who has a tendency to behave like this over whatsapp. And true enough after lunch, said person claimed that why insurer did not mail out the documents direct (Note: The documents will reach me 1st, I will scan and e-file before mailing/delivering them to client). And gave me an angry emoticon when I said I have yet to receive it on my end. What’s up with this crude passive-aggressive behaviour? 1st I never said the documents will be mailed to you direct, I just said will inform and advice on payment details on my end once I receive the documents. I haven’t receive anything – what’s there to advice. However its true that insurer has already send them out since last Friday 6 Jan 2016, and I should have received them already. Of course my company insists they did not receive (although the mailroom has a record of losing mails etc.)  – and because of the carry-over effect from client, I really took it out on the mailroom peeps!

Despite starting my day early, it turned up to be more infuriating rather than productive.And having very tight calves and tense shoulders – which sort of undid the tension release after Wed evening’s Hatha Yoga. And so I ended up ranting on my blog!

Realised a pattern – when I skipped my morning meditation on Tuesday, the day turned out quite horrid. Took Wed out of office, and did an early evening yoga class instead that lifted up my mood tremendously. Today I decided to prioritize early start over essential meditation and once again the day turned out pretty shitty. So immediate action is to resume my usual morning meditation and get my yoga practice back on track on Friday the 13th, clear my mind and start serious work on my major Q2 goals! And before all of that, some quality sleep (was very bothered by the heatwave this entire week)!!


Difficult Clients

Having some problem dealing with a difficult client …… and this problem resurfaced again mid-week, after a good 5 months of complete silence (on the client’s part).

Not picking up calls, not confirming/keeping to appointments is another. What is even WORSE than the already mentioned 2 points is giving excuses along the lines of ‘sorry I didn’t reply due to many changes in my job’ …… and even WORSE feigning ignorance on what you DID NOT DO!

How not to get infuriated with such problematic clients!!

Anyway am doing some ‘prepping’ online to get some tips on how to deal with this errant persone before I return the call (as per said person’s request, it can only be weekend …. what a prima donna!).

Good luck to me!!

This one is particularly good

Key points summarised from the above article

1. Tell the truth.Tell the client, in a business-like and professional way, with a little humor blended in, that they are a pain in your sits-bones (to be kind). You may think this is offensive, but it’s not. The reason it’s not is because difficult people know they are difficult. It will come as no surprise to your client that you find them difficult; I guarantee that you’re not the only one they’re difficult with. They’re probably difficult at home with their family members too, and with co-workers. The client may be testing you to see how far you’ll let them go. Don’t let them get away with difficult behavior. Call them on it, from the start, by telling the truth.

2. Tell them you want to do a good job for them, but you’ll not be pushed around.Insist that they be respectful or let them know they can go elsewhere. After all, you don’t need difficulty in your life, you’ve already got enough challenges as a financial adviser, you don’t need to add pain-in-the-sits-bones clients to the list.

3. Be commanding & well documented.Talk louder than you have to with difficult clients. Be clear cut and to the point in all your communications with them. Put everything you say to them in writing and send them a note, letter or email that outlines the nature of every discussion you have with them, including steps that each party will take. Document, document, document. Difficult clients try to make trouble, but don’t get very far when you’ve got everything well documented. (Plus, compliance will love you for it, because difficult clients are just lawsuits waiting to happen.)

Remember, you don’t need difficult clients. You’re better off without them. If they continue to be difficult, fire them.

One last note, perhaps some people need to learn how to be a human being first before expecting their advisers to give the ‘best advice’ according to their inflated egos and standards.

Ending Off February ….

Intended to write this last night but ended up making up for the lack of sleep the night before (i.e Sunday) by going to bed at 2320 hrs (my earliest in a long long while) ……

Thus an entry to mark a much awaited start to a new month after a pretty tumultuous Febrauary ……

Began Febrauary right smack with food poisoning, which left me drained & tired …… and may I add at a very bad timing too as it was right smack at the week before Chinese New Year! Wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the festivity of ‘monkey year’ in the air as a result.

And of course, with more nasty and unpleasant happenings to come post CNY (namely branch issues which affected my mood rather badly) ….. more struggles in clearing my underwriting backlog. As a result, all the accumulated stress and unhappiness (plus being caught in light rain) led to me spending the last week of Febraruary down with flu and cough!

And having my laptop battery completely drained (down to 45 min usage from the original 2 Hr 45 min) with the laptop being only 1 year 3 months old!!

As much as there are more downs than ups where February is concerned, there has still been a few good ‘shining lights’ that I can be grateful for, such as ……

Finally getting started on a e-learning program (30DLBL) that I have been wanting to do since last year (2015) over the CNY hols ……

With the structure and framework provided by 30DLBL, I have finally managed to put in a regular calling schedule that will help me increase my work activities more consistently and on a longer term scale ……

Coming to a personal realisation that the setbacks/obstacles that I have experienced are God’s way to help me grow and be a stronger and better Wendy ……

2 good discussions/appointments made as a result of consistent calling schedule put in place. Whilst still working towards closure on the things discussed, this is important to me in view of the continued frustration on my underwriting backlog ……

Gotten a haircut which is pyschologically important for myself as a new haircut symbolises cutting away all the bad and having fresh start ……

To add on to the above, ended Feb (Monday Feb 29 to be precise) with a 0900 Hrs morning appointment (one of the 2 discussions as above) and a small case closed (otherwise a big fat duck for February as well) ……

A Peranakan buffet lunch treat from DY …..

Being able to end February with a deep good 9 to 10 hour sleep (as described above) ……

Always remember

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

~~ Alexander Graham Bell

One Door Closes Another Opens



Pretty shitty week …… but thank god for the long weekend to make my week a lot better than how it started!

As how things are with daily life, there are times where you experience highs (to the extent of extreme highs even) …… followed by a lull and a period of down.

After a busy week (previous week i.e. July Week 1) that ended off with helper/sister duties at Z’s wedding and trying to recover as much sleep as I could (as the day started early on Saturday morning) …… Monday had to begin sleepily, followed by my wallet being stolen. Yes, there’s a office thief in broad daylight! Mine was the 2nd (while a Samsung Note 4 was stolen the week before + a purse was also gone the same Monday). Really bad luck!

The only positive I could draw from this thief incident is that my NRIC was left intact as I took it along with me to the training room for purposes of ‘marking’ my attendance. So there was only a police report left to make + having to cancel all bank cards (as a precaution). Apart from the comotion in the office (that a thief is and still remains at large) …… this incident definitely bummed me out and left me deflated …… to the extent I would prefer to see as little of the office as possible, and which was what exactly happened thoroughly the week as the ‘bad’ feeling still remains.

So this is pretty much a down week (with all the enthusiasm and ambitious plans down the drain). No matter what, still thankful that my NRIC is NOT lost, and that there was a long weekend (Hari Raya Puasa which fell on a Friday). After the events of the earlier week (plus another unpleasant incident where I was forced to apologise – less of a matter of right/wrong but I think some people need to learn to respect that I stick my ground pretty much on issues/stuff ….. this is not something they can attempt to take advantage and manipulate in their favour) …… chilling became top priority. Got to workout (overdue spin class after 2 weeks break) …… eat yummy food (didn’t manage to fit in cafe hopping though) …… catch up on dramas (started a new drama – Umechan Sensei + watched some proper tv on Starhub Ch 856 earlier in the afternoon) …… do some travel planning/reading/research (the best guilty indulgene when you feel the dumps at work) …… finish up a long overdue piece of work and follow-up!

And of course, bought a new wallet to begin things ‘afresh’. Not in the mood for goal setting exercise (for banding kickstart though) so will see about that later in the day ……

May Day Long Weekend ‘Madness’

Had good intentions for a glorious long weekend (which is also the last one until National Day comes about) where plans included

1. A much needed workout – after ear achne troubles earlier in the week that threw my schedule/daily structure into complete disarray

2. Catch up on some work (follow up & planning for May activities) – after full day training on Thursday

3. Try out a nice café/restaurant over the long weekend

4. Finally get on to some holiday planning for 2nd half of 2015 – Japan revisit!

5. Catch up on my blogging (have a target blog schedule in mind)

6. Read more – decline in reading correlated with the downward spiral in motivation (personal observation and something to pull the plug on)

Ended up doing none as a good part of my time was spent trouble-shooting internet browser errors – Chrome (my regular browser since year 2015 so far) suddenly hanged and couldn’t connect to the internet upon restarting (connection error). And ended up spending a good part of my Saturday and Sunday (today) deleting ….. and re-installing ….. and deleting …… and re-installing Chrome, Firefox (also has a slow start up problem) over and over again, to the point I start to feel really sick!

Just when I thought things are picking up going into a brand new month, this minor blip/setback/irritation has to come in and dampen my mood further :S

Finally decided (as I’m writing this) to make do with using IE (less preferred browser) rather than wasting more time and headspace figuring out how to get chrome working again!

Its time I really start building a life that I do not need to take a holiday from! No more excuses!

** P/S: will insert in the poster once I find it in my iPad photo album 😛

Thoughts On The Go

Getting a blog entry whilst MRT-ing to office!

Managed to get a run in last night after missing out on a run on Tuesday evening (as usually planned). Got back home pretty late (more on that later) & pretty shacked out …… And so decided to tweak things a little & switch up my routine by giving my usual Thur Spin Class a miss today 😛

Whilst doing my slow walk/run last night (and trying out my new shoes at the same time) …… a thought suddenly hit me with regards to a small little incident earlier in the day. Aiya, once again this person is being fake!

Why do I say that? You don’t come by my desk asking about something that has ALREADY been resolved and PRETEND to show concern and ask anything of help. In the 1st place, there is ZERO need to put up such a facade as I do not even need you to be in the picture to resolve the issue! In fact that the last status update by the staff I/C stated clearly in plain simple English that issue has been resolved by getting insurer to reprint. Never read emails properly never mind, by pretend to be all concerning means you are adding value? Please wake up your idea!!



Need to rant and get this out of my system ……

Intolerant …… or rather specifically things that I DO NOT LIKE these days!

1. Rude behavior exhibited towards me for no rhyme/reason other than for the other party to accentuate his ego and stamp his/her authority. This is plain unacceptable in my opinion.

2. People who neither lead by example nor practice what they preach. A very good example – you don’t tell me on one hand the importance of a good work ethic …… then on the other hand, talk up your new person only to spoon feed him/her in the background sneakily and secretly.

3. People who are inconsiderate, and create a toxic environment for others via their inconsideration and selfish-ness.

Time to start staying away and keep my distance from such horrible/disgusting people since we have nothing in common!