Time to rant (after some absence) 😛 It is actually election season right now and today is Cooling Day before we go to the polls tommorrow. Apart from having elections admist a pandemic being a new, and somewhat surreal experience, the Phase 2 re-opening that Singapore is undergoing right now also means it is time … Continue reading NATO

What Is More Toxic I Wonder

And so this is my 'office' for today Singapore Airlines Service Centre @ Ion Orchard Am here with a quene number to sort out my flight. Yes, I have decided to reschedule my much-awaited Sakura trip in view of the contavirus which I forsee will only get worse in March before it eventually gets better. … Continue reading What Is More Toxic I Wonder


讨厌应付一些自负,自以为是,专横霸道的人。但是,有时候我们很难避免这些人。 We call these people a PITA!! And I just had to deal with one earlier this week! Of course, this is nothing new to me, but just needed to rant it out a bit here. I suppose, at the root of it all, it is all about EGO. Or rather, a way for them … Continue reading 讨厌


Before I could even do some sort of D-xx countdown, I only have less than 2 days left in Singapore before my red-eye flight on Thursday morning *gasp* Have been totally unproductive & sluggish from late last week till now, and since today's a public holiday (Deepavali) - its a great time to catch up … Continue reading Revitalise-D


Have an entry lined up from last weekend that I intend to finish up earlier this week (even had a photo collage prepared for the entry as well), only for my writing momentum to get derailed by a self-entitled smart-aleck client who eventually ended up behaving in an overbearing manner towards me. Thus this rant. … Continue reading Rant