The Odaiba Co-Incidence

Over the last weekend, I ended up spending the entire Sunday afternoon watching old Japanese dramas on youtube (until my eyes started to hurt from staring at the laptop screen :P). On another note, it does feel nice to finally watch a drama proper as I have not been doing so for the past 1/2 … Continue reading The Odaiba Co-Incidence

Drama Musings: I Need Romance Series

If some of you might have noticed, sometime this year, I have added on another page listing the dramas that I have watched this year to date. On average, I have averaged around 1 new drama per month (pretty productive as compared to year 2013). This streak has come to somewhat of a halt (co-incidentally … Continue reading Drama Musings: I Need Romance Series

Drama Musings: 1st Half of 2013

Was browsing through my blog archives last week and realised a drama entry/update is way way overdue ...... given that the last drama-related entry was in August 2012 ...... and only a quick mention of the Japanese drama 'Love Generation' which I finished later on in year 2012 ...... Did a quick think through and … Continue reading Drama Musings: 1st Half of 2013

Long Weekend Productively Spent

Took a quick look at the public holiday calendar before starting this entry ... Not counting the National Day hols (was using that period of downtime to complete my M8A & M9A papers), this will be the last long weekend in a while (till end Oct) ...... Hari Raya Puasa which falls on a Sunday … Continue reading Long Weekend Productively Spent

Paul Coelho & Dream High

I don't usually read fiction books ...... much less Paul Coelho's most known work 'The Alchemist'. However yesterday evening (Sunday), I came across a blog posting of his on one of my friend's Facebook wall titled "Past and Present". The simple yet powerful message is a mark of how good a writer Paul Coelho is … Continue reading Paul Coelho & Dream High