Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Have been 'dreaming' about random stuff in my sleep lately. One was a dream about doing yoga splits again - this time round, it was middle / straddle splits, where you can refer to the dream interpretation here. Another one, which happened shortly after Chinese New Year, was that I was enjoying a nice, relaxing … Continue reading Random Dreams: Middle Splits And …… Onsen

Another Dream Interpretation

Decided to log this down before the week comes to a close. Also, we are officially into September now! Started off the week with a dream. It has been a while since a dream came to me in my sleep. First thing I did upon waking up is to log it down on my Insta-stories … Continue reading Another Dream Interpretation

Recurring Dreams

What do you make of dreaming the same dream TWICE in a row in the space of 1 month? Here's a write-up on recurring dreams from Pyschology Today - https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dream-factory/201411/whats-behind-your-recurring-dreams One key phrase that got my attention: In general, recurring dreams indicate the presence of an unresolved and persistent conflict in an individual’s life, and the … Continue reading Recurring Dreams

Yet Another Dream Intepretation

This dream I had in the wee hours of the morning made me go back to sleep. Ended up getting up past 930am ..... which is way past my targetted wake up time (830am) :S Anyway the dream was actually about being back in Tokyo for yet .... another holiday! Quite the irony considering that … Continue reading Yet Another Dream Intepretation

Dream Interpretation 解梦: Feeling Lost

It has been a while since I woke up at my usual time (between 0830 to 0930 Hrs) ...... and drifted back to sleep again as a result of a dream. To some, dreams may be random. But I have always thought that its appearance once in a blue moon is more than random i.e. … Continue reading Dream Interpretation 解梦: Feeling Lost

So Much For Saturday Gymming ……

Glorious plan to resume Sat gymming went up in smokes 😦 Set the alarm up .... replied sms (some people have really 'creative' imaginations that drive you up the wall at times) ...... and went back to sleep ..... The common pattern is ...... everytime I start to turn to my right, that's when I … Continue reading So Much For Saturday Gymming ……