Training Progress

Have been feeling a tad guilty of the irregular blogging so after staring at the computer screen for a good 5 min on WHAT to write, decided that I shall do an update on my training progress for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (Full Marathon) this coming December ……

Earlier at the office, R passed by my table & asked me for my finishing time for the last 3 half-marathons that I did as he & S will be doing the half-marathon this Dec whilst I am moving up-distance to the full marathon …… and apparently he said yesterday he left office early and went back home & started his 1st training which lasted all of 2km. He also mentioned that after stopping the weekly badminton sessions (due to fragile knee), he has yet to do any serious form of exercise until yesterday’s 2km training. Although he has got the experience of running similar long distances (army days??), but after such a long time, and given that his training started so late, I wonder how is he going to pick up the momentum again given that it is only a month away ……

Anyway, the key point is that after the brief conversation with him, I went to Runner’s World website and google-d some marathon pace caculators – so as to ‘evaluate’ the progress of my training 😛

This was the 1st result I got from Google (source: Runner’s World) – Get Serious: A 12 Week Marathon Training Plan

** I must say I liked what I read as this particular program emphasis on shorter mileage (speedwork) via intervals together with longer runs (at a slower pace) over a period of 12 weeks (around 3 months) …… Feel that this is a good and efficient way (time wise and output wise) to train especially when many of us have work, social, family commitments to balance around training for a full marathon.

I also found a Training Caculator from Runner’s World website as well …… Based on the timings of a training run I did yesterday (note: I rounded off the timing to the nearest minute i.e. 38 mins), below are the recommended training pace generated from the caculator

Based on your 3.86 kilometers race time of 00:38:00, the paces of your different training runs should be:

11:39 min/km Easy run training pace
10:00 min/km Tempo run training pace
9:08 min/km Maxmum oxygen training pace
8:32 min/km Speed form training pace
11:39 – 12:50 min/km Long run training pace
7:32 min/800 Yasso 800s training pace

From the above table, I reckon I am working around the following regions – Speed Form, Tempo Run and Maxmum Oxgen as my training pace has been around 8 – 9+ min per km. I guess where racing pace based training is concerned, I am quite on track 🙂

As far as the body is concerned, am happy to say that the legs generally feel less tired as the days go by given that I am already gradually increasing both pace and distance in the 1-2 times weekly running …… plus also I have been doing mainly speed-based intervals on the gym threadmill (combination of volatile weather + convenience of Bugis gym to Gateway) …… It is a sign that the training is paying off …… Although I must say that if I have d/led the training plan from Runner’s World earlier and followed it closely, I would’ve been better fitness wise, but still at least I started/resumed training around mid-August so it wasn’t all that bad (except that it took me a bit of time to get used to running in my Asics) ……

Of course, my training still lacks the element of the once-a-week long runs …… and to rectify this problem/hole, I have invested in a proper running watch – Garmin Forerunner 110. This is a GPS based watch, meaning to say that I do not need to purchase an additional footpod in order to measure distance (unlike the so overpriced Polar HRM out there) while the set I bought also comes with the heart rate monitor (the purpose of the HRM is to get more accurate training data but I elect not to touch it until after this Sunday’s GE Run where I have more time to get used to running with a strap) …… The training data can be uploaded to Garmin Connect website for more detailed analysis (will probably clock in another workout before I start to explore the website) and which will help me to monitor the progress of my workouts (particularly in outdoor running) ……

Here is a picture of it

And of course, my training will only feel complete with my regular once-a-week spinning class @ the gym as spinning/indoor cycling is a great cross-training activity to work the legs and train the heart rate on off-days ……

And to top it off, I came across a marathon running clinic on SG Runners and made a last min decision to sign up for it and its happening this saturday …… Getting excited and slowly feeling the buzz as we start to coundown to the marathon!