End Of An Era

'Suffered' a bit from a messed up sleep cycle at the start of the week ...... and ending the week with slight flu cum sore throat which kinda sucks as I feel tired, sleepy and drowsy. And now sleep-less again after meds, post dinner nap and a late shower. I had originally intended to blog … Continue reading End Of An Era

Weekly Sunday Entry

Sundays always seem the best day to blog as I find myself having more time to sit down, slowly consolidate my thoughts before blogging proper ...... And today is no exception ..... in addition, I turned off my iphone alarm this morning (after waking up at 730am to charge the phone), and the expected result … Continue reading Weekly Sunday Entry

All In All, Not A Bad Week ……

Except for the crazily hot weather that is 😦 Had the benefit of attending a almost-full day (7 hours in total) course on sales and advisory mastery in the early part of the week .. And enjoyed myself tremendously .. Makes me inspired to re-read this book again ( but not before completing the other … Continue reading All In All, Not A Bad Week ……

Happy 2010!

1st Entry For 2010 😀 Have been busy 'playing' hard going right into the new year, which partly explains the lack of blog entries (in addition to the usual distractions of drama serials, lazing, slacking, sleeping etc.) ...... Generally the mood is a big contrast to the very down of Q4 2008 ....... 3 parties … Continue reading Happy 2010!

Gymless Again

Quick One ...... Change in plans over the week meant no thurs gymming (and Selene wasn't teaching also) ..... only for appointment to be postponed to Sat ...... Whilst I will have more time to prepare (and try to revise/update some of my presentation slides as planned), this also means no saturday gymming yet again, … Continue reading Gymless Again

What A Week It Has Been

Looking back ..... I am rather relieved that weekend is here ..... After going through the myraid of roller-coaster emotions ...... Got a very bad scalp problem on Monday - resulting in lack of concentration and productivity at work ...... Managed to temporarily resolve the problem by changing shampoos (got a deep cleansing shampoo for … Continue reading What A Week It Has Been