Making A New Habit

So this morning, I made time for a morning yoga class that wasn't happening on a weekend / public holiday. First time ever since I started yoga in Oct 2016! And the 1st day of a new month was a perfect way to get this going! Many reasons went into this decision. First, wanted to … Continue reading Making A New Habit

Re-Establishing A Reading Habit

As mentioned in my last entry - a perpetual new year resolution / goal is always to read more. When I say read - I mean to say read actual books. In addition to the above, one bad habit that I have is that I tend to read a book half-way, only to get distracted … Continue reading Re-Establishing A Reading Habit

Progress: Bio Clock & My Ideal Work Day

One of my major 2014 resolutions was to work on my bio-clock and in the process improve my time management. The ideal looked like this ...... Since January, I have been consistently logging down my sleep and wake-up times, timings I leave the house and reach home. Initial timings were pretty far from the 'ideal' … Continue reading Progress: Bio Clock & My Ideal Work Day

Some Thoughts On Work Life Balance

Starting another entry on the go as I head to Bugis for a Saturday pre lunch workout! A topic/subject that has been very close to my heart and which I have made as one of my key 2014 resolutions - Work Life Balance. What prompted this entry was the below which I chanced on a … Continue reading Some Thoughts On Work Life Balance

Getting Started Again ……

One of the most challenging things in life is getting a goal/project going - and sticking to it! It can be something simple - such as eating less carbs, sleeping earlier ...... to something involving higher stakes such as a new job, prospecting in a new target market, sticking to a budget etc. ...... One … Continue reading Getting Started Again ……

Opening Up Your Mind

Back from another blogging hiatus (2 weeks) .... Somehow was not in the mood to write and/or start anything. Last week was bad, struggling greatly with bio-clock, which affected my moods and productivity at work, sigh ...... So it was a major major goal to simply just work on my sleep and waking up pattern, … Continue reading Opening Up Your Mind