January Round Up: Fruitful & Foodful

Finally …… finally …… I managed to find some time to get down to some serious blogging/update tonight. Its a laptop-less Thursday (after 3 consecutive days of bringing back home my laptop …… AND doing NO WORK on it :P).

This is mainly a blog entry to re-look and reflect back on how the year 2015 started off, and how I have spent on January. As per the title of this entry, to sum it up, I am grateful that January was a fruitful (and relatively productive) month ….. and foodful came around as I sampled lots of yummy food 🙂

First things first, started off year 2015 with a new brand new hairstyle to welcome the new year! Chose to do it on Friday 2 January 2015, also my ‘self-declared’ off day. Anyway was quite tired of my usual long hair and so, decided that I wanted a good cut, and a Japanese stylist cut to be specific.

I had originally wanted to check out an up-and-coming Japanese run salon (Rise Hair Salon @ Gemmill Lane), only to find out online that it was quietly closed down. So searched for other alternatives as I was determined to get a fresh new haircut to start off the year ‘right’ with a brand new fresh look …… and sis randomly suggested checking out Shunji Matsuo @ JEM (Jurong East). After checking the price list online, given that they only charge $52 for a director’s cut (as versus to the $68 I previously paid at Jeric), I decided to just go for it! To cut things short, I got a cut slightly below shoulder length as recommended by the stylist, the experience was great and I’m really happy with my haircut as I no longer feel weighed down by my hair 🙂

Co-incidentally, SM had whatsapp the group this fowarded msg about the ‘good’ days to cut hair/change hairstyle for the new year, heh


On the work front, as mentioned in an previous entry, one longstanding claim dispute was finally settled and all parties are happy. The start of the new year also meant having new frameworks (notably LIA’s release of the Revised Critical Illness Definitions Framework), and new provider promotions ….. which meant many new product launches/re-launches ….. and attending many training/update sessions (easily averaging 1-2 providers updates per week, and that’s excluding the regular Monday focus group sessions). Opportunity to relook, and refocus my business on core protection needs 🙂

Also feels great to have managed to clear 1 long outstanding follow-up, and at the same time, have ‘lost’ prospects coming back into the picture. Pretty positive start for the 2nd half of my banding year so far, and for this momentum to keep going all the way through year 2015 (in terms of calendar year flow) as work is keeping my time filled, resulting in less time for drama watching/blogging …… but not in a bad way either lah so I’ll take it!

Still have quite some way to go, where bio-clock/time management is concerned. Save for one week (think its 2nd week of January) where my iPad alarm did not ring for 3 mornings consecutive, more or less I’m able to wake up quite naturally at around 0830 to 0930 (even on Saturdays and Sundays). The next step will be to really start sleeping earlier (around 12 to 1) with no computer distractions (realised that the radiation really gets to me when I bring home laptop and on it to do something, and it affects the quality of my sleep as well) ….. and target an earlier wake up time of say 0630 to 0730 in order to enjoy nice breakfast outside (hope to do this once a week) and to start off morning workouts/runs for practical training reasons.

And of course, tasted lots of yummy food, making January a ‘foodful’ one. Got to revisit the famous Tai Thong Prawn Noodles (River South Hoe Name Prawn Noodles), visited (and re-visited) within the space of 1 month Chop Lian Hin (a small and underrated tze char place in Teban Gardens) …… re-visited Teppei (this time round for their famed Bara Chirashi, as well as their tempura), re-visited Beng Hiang @ Amoy Street for their famed Hokkien dishes …… and satisfied some local cravings (notably the fishball noodles @ Tiong Bahru Market Stall 44), favourite fish slice noodles in black bean sauce @ An Ji (Chinatown Market) etc. …. as summed up in the collage below. More foodie adventures to come in February 😀






Starting Off Year 2012

Page 4 of 366 ….

Haha this Page x of 366 is a hot twitter trending topic now, and a pretty ingenious way of saying today is the 4th Jan …..

4 days into 2012 so far, decided to blog while on the MRT to see how far I’m getting on into 2012 ….

From where I last left off, attended a wedding on the 2nd and pretty much the entire afternoon was gone and even had to take a nap right into dinner time (the hot afternoon sun makes me sleepy + had less than 6 hours sleep the night before) ….. Was supposed to kick start work with a lunch appointment but think may have slipped client’s mind and so we rescheduled it to Friday – which I was secretly relieved as I don’t feel work ready at all and sort of contemplated postponing it on Mon evening actually …..

Used this downtime to get one 2011 backlog out of the way and yes …. headed to the gym for my 1st workout of year 2012 – finally my 1st workout after 2 weeks+ of physical inactivity after forgetting to slot in spin classes and not making it to the swimming pool for a swim 😛 …… So its one down the list!

Pretty slow week it seems, apart from clearing the backlog carried over from year 2011 (my bad!), decided to use this week to some serious planning, write my new year resolutions (havent got down to doing that yet!) and clear off some packing (only 3 weeks left to CNY). Decided that will start a checklist of things to do to transition and be totally prepared for 2012.


(Note:  Will tick it off as and when and add on more items as it comes to mind)

1. 1st workout of 2012 – Done

2. Haircut / Hair Trim For New Year / CNY – Appt Booked

3. Hair Spa Treatment Before CNY – Appt Booked

4. Register For Sundown Marathon (Half Marathon) – Done

5.  Finish Clearing Storeroom By This Weekend

6.  Clear Up Wabrobe

7.  1-2 New Sets of Clothes For CNY

8.  Shoe Shopping For Work – looking out for 1 pair of heels specifically

9.  Get My Creative MP3 Player Repaired

10.  Back-Up & Restructure My Computer System Again + Create 1 New Log In For Work (by CNY time)

11.  Sort Out Personal Finances & Write My Financial Plan For Year 2012

12.  Write My Year 2012 New Year Resolutions Using The Whole Person Concept As A Model (by this weekend)

13.  Year 2012 Business & Activity Plan, Update Pipeline & Revise Goals (by this weekend)

14.  Clear Up Work Desk & Filing (hope to start this 3rd week Jan, if not after CNY)

15.  Training Plan For Sundown Marathon (start serious training after CNY)

16.  Start Blogging My Year 2011 Round Up Entries After This Entry (by this weekend)

Fulfilled Saturday ….

Was in a state of f**k for the entire Friday ….. and need to badly fix that!

Hence decided that I need some CHANGES, one of them being a style overhaul – starting with my hair. Time for a hairstyle change! Keke ……

Was getting a lil’ tired with black (having had it for the past 2+ years) so a new colour was overdue. Couldn’t slot in a good timing to do it on Friday (called too last minute) hence did it yesterday afternoon …… Here it is:

P/S:  Took this in the Dorothy Perkins changing room …. pretty fail attempt of selca-ing 😛

Trimmed my hair a bit (almost 7 months since the last cut in Dec) + treatment + full head colour this time round. Decided on a cool colour – Ash Metallic Brown …… as versus to my usual brown/red highlights (my last red highlights was done in Sept 2008) as I have never had full brown coloured hair and no more red highlights/coloured hair (was in a red craze in 2007/2008) in view of the colour dripping post 1 month after dye 😛 ….. Me like my new colour, although it seems lighter on the top part of my hair ….. Hehe

Finished at around 430pm and stomach was growling (as could not have a full lunch while rushing to Suntec) ….. decided it was a good day to settle my bibimbap craving 🙂

This is Bibimbap from the Food Republic foodcourt at the convention centre side (stall is called Kim Dae Mun – should be an authentic Korean stall although the workers there were chinese :P). Unlike the usual Bibimbap with an egg … this is actually called Al Bibimbap – the Al is actually fish egg/roe ….. nice twist & yes, its yummy!!

And not forgetting my 1st purchase of GSS (1 month after it started) …… Walked past Jay Park endorsed Denizen (formerly known as Levi’s Signature) …. popped in and got a tee in 15 min time!

Planned to go over to Marina Bay Sands for some jalan jalan but was getting pretty late (5+) after finishing my late lunch-dinner bibimbap …… and so decided to just window shop a bit more around Suntec and Raffles City before boarding the MRT home ……

And weekend means time to catch up on the week’s City Hunter episodes, keke ……. Feels nice and relaxing to just chill while doing my hair …… and feeling refreshed and recharged with a new look and hair colour, and loving it 🙂 ….. All in all, it was a great Saturday spent!

Terminal Laptop

It is with great sadness that I annouce that laptop is officially terminal …….. (after skipping PD Day. sleeping in, calling in Acer hotline & trouble-shooting over phone etc.)

So its delayed lunch …… then to Acer service centre …… then to office to wipe off the dust from the IBM ……….

Such disruption is really a drag when you are already struggling with work, study,exercise, personal life etc. ……..

Of course I hope that there will be a silver lining at the end …… more time to study and declutter the ‘flab’ & ‘mess’ in my life for the next couple of days, mmmmmm


Anyway after changing my sun appt like again (got a massive headachne when woke up coz’ didnt sleep well the night before) ….. I finally got my haircut on Mon evening ……..

Half-way Into The Year ……

Time to *ahem* wipe off some dust off this blog with an entry ……

Suppose I have been in some sort of blogger’s block ……no mood to blog any thing …….

Anyway was supposed to have my haircut today but decided to postpone it to Sunday instead because (1) July 5th is start of 2nd half of year, a new hairstyle will make it more meaningful ….. but seriously (2) things to settle at work so can’t leave early (3) Adidas Combat @ Bugis Gym (the flabs hanging ard my body is A HINT!) …… (4) Wed evening would be a better timing but salon is closed on Wed …….. so there u go!

One thing i have realised is that when I sit down and do my weekly planning properly (supposed to be weekly but I am guilty of skipping odd weeks here and there), I find that I am more efficient and focused for the week, so one thing to do later ….. Work wise, have enough requests/things to keep me busy, hope it all leads to a tangible result yeah …… still need to mangae my time better though ……

At times, a part of me is what I label a “slient rebel” – in the sense that I would very much prefer to get things done MY WAY as contary to general perceived opinon/what people think you should be doing …… For instance, friend thinks I should give her stylist a go (as she is of the perceived opinon that her stylist will give me a new look as versus to my current stylist), did try the treatment there and let’s just say my conclusion is that I still prefer my current stylist (more comfortable with her) …… the idea here is – get a new look just because someone thinks so as versus to because this is what I want …… you get the drift?

Very often, decisions are made .. things are done …… because this is what you want or rather this is because people expect you to? The end result (success) is whatever case should always be on your own terms as versus to being a slave of other people’s expectations …… Of course I also believe that it is important to have the necessary facts to make a decision i.e be discerning …….At the end day, the final choice is up to you, don’t tell me it is circumstances blah blah blah because the fact of the matter is – you are already given the right to make a choice and to live with whatever consequences (good or bad) that come with it!

I suppose this has been one of the key things I have learnt going into half-way point of 2009 so far!


A quick entry to sum up the 1st week of year 2009 …..

Anyway I finally got to gym on Thursday evening (Selene’s spin class! yay!!) …… despite a tiny-weeny blip (I put my towel on bike no. 16 – I booked the bike on wed evening!! Went to change and had to quene for toilet, hence was slightly late for warm-up … one idiotic guy had to take away my towel & lay claim to the bike, hmmph ….. so had to take another bike in the front row but nevertheless, it was a great workout) ……

And feeling immersely guilty for missing my Wed evening run (only to hear some insensitive remarks from a client that disappointed me immersely), I decided that the best way to dissapate that anger/unhappiness within me is to ….. GO FOR A RUN! Hehe …… Just an easy run starting from 55 Market Street (opposite Republic Plaza), to UOB Plaza, up to the bridge, down Empress Place and loop back to Esplanade Park, right up to Esplanade Mall (instead of till the Floating Platform – usual turn) and heading back to the gym ….. Based on estimations from MapMyRun.com, should be around 2.5km – 3km ….. Just a easy walk/run/jog to open my account for year 2009!

So that sums up my Thursday evening ….. Was shacked out from all the physical activity so slept in on Friday morning …… Friday nothing much, simple farewell lunch for R (fellow colleague who is heading to Australia – shall not go into the long story why she is taking a break from business and going to Australia) …… felt a bit funny after the lunch at Asian Kitchen Citylink – the prawn wonton noodle I had was not THAT salty, think it could be the various xiao long baos and the mango sago, shucks …… not very productive in office …… and then its off to haircut!!  Long awaited haircut to kickstart the new year, haha!! Decided to continue to keep it long for this next 1/2 year (till the running season starts to kick in) before deciding on yet another shoulder-length cut or maybe a korean-style perm (will thus need the length till the end of the chest line) …… so will evaluate again in June/July bah …… Took simple dinner at FEP after this from the chinese stall near the escalator, after my claypot rice, stomach-achne for the rest of the Friday evening (this is the 2nd time it happened after eating from the exact same stall) so moral of the story – no more patronizing that stall!

Otherwise, weekend has been pretty uneventful ….. ended up sleeping in late on both days and the rest of the time was spent just lazing/pottering around the house, TV-ing, Youtube-ing ….. so much till it feels a tad funny especially if you consider that there was much more activity happening after the previous weekends, haiz …… It could be that I did not book spinning for sat (was thinking of doing one of the afternoon Combat classes at Orchard instead and make a trip down to office) ….. so when thoughts are not put into action and when no concrete plans are made, the dis-orientation just begins …… thus the title of this entry ……

Well there is still time to start ranking up the activity ……  its dinner time now! Ciao!