Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Side Note 1: First entry after paying some $$ to upgrade my wordpress package (I mainly need the additional storage space so that I can blog more photo heavy entries. Side Note 2: Started writing this around end March, got 'stuck' and left it for a while before coming back to finish this up 😛 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Japan 2018: Mount Hakodate

One of places that was a must-visit for me in Hokkaido was Mount Hakodate - well known for having one of Japan's best 3 night views. And the best/most recommended way to get to Mount Hakodate was via ropeway. On hindsight, October would have been a better month to visit both Hokkaido and Tohoku due … Continue reading Japan 2018: Mount Hakodate

Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Rather than doing dedicated food review entries for a few of the ramen places that I have set out to try for this trip, I decided to combine them instead into 1 entry. Main reason being that I only had a total of 4 bowls of ramen throughout my entire 13/14 day trip. As far … Continue reading Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Japan 2018: Of Markets & Donburi(s)

Sidenote: The original blogging plan for this week is to do 1 travel entry (the earlier entry on Rainbows) and 1 food review from year 2017. But after going through some photos on my phone, I'm more inspired to do a food & travel entry instead, as I'm still in post Japan Hols blues 3 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Of Markets & Donburi(s)

Japan 2018: Rainbows

What are the chances that you will get to see a rainbow, not once but twice whilst on holiday? Moreover most of the time back home when you are in your daily routine, it's not so often you get to spot a rainbow post-rain. At least it never happens for me back home in Singapore … Continue reading Japan 2018: Rainbows