Sakura Theme

No chance for sakura trip this year, so made up for it a bit with sakura-themed food 😛 Saw on facebook that Dulcet & Studio was having a Sakura Fair with some selected limited time Sakura-themed desserts. There was one Friday where I had a sort of cake-craving, and so Dulcet & Studio became a … Continue reading Sakura Theme

Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Side Note 1: First entry after paying some $$ to upgrade my wordpress package (I mainly need the additional storage space so that I can blog more photo heavy entries. Side Note 2: Started writing this around end March, got 'stuck' and left it for a while before coming back to finish this up 😛 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition


Before I could even do some sort of D-xx countdown, I only have less than 2 days left in Singapore before my red-eye flight on Thursday morning *gasp* Have been totally unproductive & sluggish from late last week till now, and since today's a public holiday (Deepavali) - its a great time to catch up … Continue reading Revitalise-D

Food Mission: Milkissimo @ Westgate

Didn't have a good May, and made to feel worse by some lousy/annoying people. So a sweet desserts fix is in order! Have read about the Japanese Sweets Collection Fair by Isetan, and happening right in Isetan Westgate itself (my territory in the western part of Singapore, heh). Essentially, what Isetan has done was to … Continue reading Food Mission: Milkissimo @ Westgate

Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 1

DAY 7: WEDNESDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2013 Rise and shine in Kyoto, and in my cosy cabin! Woke up around 7. Washed up and proceeded to spend a bit of time doing some last min research/surfing on my iPad before finally heading out for breakfast around 9+. Sorely a quick breakfast at Caffe Veloce (a Japanese … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 1

Japan 2012: Day 1 Yokohama Part 2

Such a long gap from my last update .... Gonna make use the last bit of my Chinese New Year (CNY) break to catch up on my travel backlog ...... Day 1: 17 December 2012 (Con't) From where I last left off, found Chinatown to be overhyped and disappointing. Hence decided to head to the … Continue reading Japan 2012: Day 1 Yokohama Part 2

Monday Perk-Me-Up

As with 'some' of my Mondays, started off the week being insomniac (2nd time within the week, sigh) and feeling 'slow' on the uptake - definitely not the most desirable way to start off the week! Hence what can be better than some comfort food for a much-needed Monday perk-me-up. Got myself my favourite 'Hei' … Continue reading Monday Perk-Me-Up

Thursday Thoughts ….

It feels like a damn long time since I've blogged (although my last entry was on Sat/Sun), so I thought some much needed blogging/writing (whilst on the long MRT journey home) will be the antidote to a boring and somewhat 'sucky' Thursday at work (ended off my Thursday with a couple of 'unsuccessful' phone calls) … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts ….