The Odaiba Co-Incidence

Over the last weekend, I ended up spending the entire Sunday afternoon watching old Japanese dramas on youtube (until my eyes started to hurt from staring at the laptop screen :P). On another note, it does feel nice to finally watch a drama proper as I have not been doing so for the past 1/2 … Continue reading The Odaiba Co-Incidence

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Time to participate in another weekly photo challenge. This week's theme happened to fit in so well with the Day 9 entry I am currently writing. Just for a brief recap, left Odaiba and went to Kamakura next ...... and did only 1 thing at Kamakura, which is to see the much talked about Giant … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Have not done up a weekly photo challenge for a while now (it has always been on my 't0-blog' list though) ...... so an entry to tick off 1 item on my 'to-blog' list that has been accumulating since end Februrary 🙂 Had this picture taken on my phone of this little boy sitting in … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 1

DAY 3: SATURDAY 16TH NOVEMBER 2013 Day trip to Hiroshima & Miyajima Island via shinkansen from Shin-Osaka! Early start to the day again as it is a 90min (i.e. 1 and 1/2 hour) shinkansen ride, not forgetting that I need to take 1 stop from Osaka to Shin-Osaka (where the shinkansen station is) as I … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 1

Japan 2013: Day 1 Tokyo Foreword

Have never got down to finishing my travel blogs/entries for last year's trip, and viola! Its time to start a new series of entries before year 2013 comes to a close! Heh! My one and only trip for year 2013 (since I opted out of Hanoi Retreat), so had in my mind to be a … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 1 Tokyo Foreword

Drama Musings: 1st Half of 2013

Was browsing through my blog archives last week and realised a drama entry/update is way way overdue ...... given that the last drama-related entry was in August 2012 ...... and only a quick mention of the Japanese drama 'Love Generation' which I finished later on in year 2012 ...... Did a quick think through and … Continue reading Drama Musings: 1st Half of 2013