Hello October .. Random JPop Rant .. And Roly Poly

Back home after October began with heavy rain 1st thing in the morning which was perfect weather to snuggle in bed …but fat hope! Had a early morning work/business appointment with closed case to start off this quarter 🙂 …… pushed myself and made it for afternoon spin at Raffles gym …… and resting my … More Hello October .. Random JPop Rant .. And Roly Poly

Squall ….

Updates on my playlist ….. I find that Jpop puts me in great working mood during ‘office hours’ so as to speak …… Had this song in my mp3 sometime back …..and recently found out that it was originally written for another female artise as a drama insert song (Jap drama Perfect Love) …… 松本英子 … More Squall ….

Latest Song On Repeat Mode

EXILE – Your Eyes Only~曖昧な僕の輪郭~ Their very 1st single (originally recorded in year 2001) which was re-recorded by the 2nd Generation EXILE members (aka EXILE  第2章) in 2008. More R&B feel as they are more ‘pop’ sounding these days …… Going to get their live DVD as well 😀