Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

A good 4 + months since the last photo challenge and so, its time for another one!

Although I’m late by a week, this challenge really speaks out to me as 2017 has been pretty much a ‘GREEN’ year for me!

Starting from Li Chun 2017 where the lucky colour for my zodiac is green, and I wore green to bank in my money. In terms of money inflow for this year, so far so far. Customs aside, the more important is to keep an abundance mindset.

And of course, when I finally decided to use some of my shopping vouchers to get a yoga towel (i.e. got a Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel eventually) – it was co-incidentally green as well. Together with my Yoga Inc umbrella (free gift from package purchase) – that was also green!

So we have 2 different shades of green here 😛

Still on Yoga Inc. Always love practicing at Gulliemard Branch where it feels more rustic, calm and serene. Especially when I go for Sunday morning YIN class.

Spotted this cute little swing (also in green) when I left the studio after class to go towards the same gate to get to Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Finally non-yoga related. A bowl of healthy and hearty bibimbap with lots of greens from Paik’s Bibim (a franchise outlet of Baek Jong Won’s Food Empire from South Korea).

The original challenge entry here: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/it-is-easy-being-green/

June Week 1: Friday Lunch

Usually like to have a ‘nicer’ lunch on a Friday 😛

Since I decided to ‘haul’ myself to office to try and get some work done (as versus to taking the day off as originally planned) & pick up documents as well …… Planned to have pasta or fish soup (at Beach Road) originally but with the hassle of changing buses, decided to just eat at Bugis instead ……

Walked along Liang Seah Street and decided on Korean for lunch. Had the lunch set at my semi-regular haunt – Arirang Korean Restaurant ….. Most importantly a filling lunch with soup and rice, and air-con (very hot day)!

Instead of my usual Kimchi Chigae/Kimchi Seafood Soup set, decided to try out the Bean Paste Soup set instead (after a preview of it during buffet dinner @ the same restaurant just 2 weeks back) …… While it is non-spicy, however it is mainly tofu and vegetables, although the waiter claimed that there were clams in the soup (but did not see any) …… However it was still a filling lunch thanks to the usual staple of korean side dishes (one of the best parts of an korean meal) despite feeling almost vegetarian-like, hee!


Note: Edited my lunch photos using the PhotoStudioHD on my iPad for a slightly different feel as versus to the usual effects you would get on Instagram & stiched the pictures together using Moldiv on iPad (very handy app)

Buffet Round 1

Went back yesterday (Sat) for my favourite Korean buffet @ Liang Seah Street (Arirang Korean Restaurant) ……

My 3rd time having this for lunch (and 2nd time in 3 months) …… The past 2 times that I have been here, didn’t manage to blog about it owing to procrastination 😛 ….. So this time round, made sure to take some pictures to make up for it …….

Didn’t stand up to get a more balanced and ‘perfect’ shot of the side dishes horizontally as was very hungry ….. The usual korean side dishes on the left and soups (Ginseng Chicken and Spicy Crab) on the right …… The Ginseng Chicken soup is a condensed version i.e comes without the sticky rice that you would enjoy if you have ordered it as a ala-carte ……

And of course the highlight of the buffet was the BBQ meats + perennial must have Bibimbap and Seafood Pancake!

Noted that we were quite full after these dishes and did not order anymore (same as last visit) …… Nevertheless for the price of $15.90++ per pax (around $19 in total), this is one of the best value-for-money Korean buffet deals around town, considering that its quite expensive to have ala-carte BBQ at well-known Korean restaurants such as Ju Shin Jung …….

Due to massage plans being screwed up, ending up this entry and heading into town for Spin now to round off my weekend (since C is not teaching next week)!

Fulfilled Saturday ….

Was in a state of f**k for the entire Friday ….. and need to badly fix that!

Hence decided that I need some CHANGES, one of them being a style overhaul – starting with my hair. Time for a hairstyle change! Keke ……

Was getting a lil’ tired with black (having had it for the past 2+ years) so a new colour was overdue. Couldn’t slot in a good timing to do it on Friday (called too last minute) hence did it yesterday afternoon …… Here it is:

P/S:  Took this in the Dorothy Perkins changing room …. pretty fail attempt of selca-ing 😛

Trimmed my hair a bit (almost 7 months since the last cut in Dec) + treatment + full head colour this time round. Decided on a cool colour – Ash Metallic Brown …… as versus to my usual brown/red highlights (my last red highlights was done in Sept 2008) as I have never had full brown coloured hair and no more red highlights/coloured hair (was in a red craze in 2007/2008) in view of the colour dripping post 1 month after dye 😛 ….. Me like my new colour, although it seems lighter on the top part of my hair ….. Hehe

Finished at around 430pm and stomach was growling (as could not have a full lunch while rushing to Suntec) ….. decided it was a good day to settle my bibimbap craving 🙂

This is Bibimbap from the Food Republic foodcourt at the convention centre side (stall is called Kim Dae Mun – should be an authentic Korean stall although the workers there were chinese :P). Unlike the usual Bibimbap with an egg … this is actually called Al Bibimbap – the Al is actually fish egg/roe ….. nice twist & yes, its yummy!!

And not forgetting my 1st purchase of GSS (1 month after it started) …… Walked past Jay Park endorsed Denizen (formerly known as Levi’s Signature) …. popped in and got a tee in 15 min time!

Planned to go over to Marina Bay Sands for some jalan jalan but was getting pretty late (5+) after finishing my late lunch-dinner bibimbap …… and so decided to just window shop a bit more around Suntec and Raffles City before boarding the MRT home ……

And weekend means time to catch up on the week’s City Hunter episodes, keke ……. Feels nice and relaxing to just chill while doing my hair …… and feeling refreshed and recharged with a new look and hair colour, and loving it 🙂 ….. All in all, it was a great Saturday spent!