Jung Joon Il – First Snow

Feeling rather heavy hearted lately (PMS Blues?) in spite of the festive season (Chinese New Year) so sort of avoided writing. Will leave the more serious, reflective topics for another time πŸ™‚ Anyway I can't believe I'm like 3 years late to appreciating this drama OST gem Jung Joon Il - First Snow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56txiKgYT3E Here's … Continue reading Jung Joon Il – First Snow

Where Did November Go?

Didn't manage to write anything over the past couple of days to end off November. And so, this shall be an entry to start off December πŸ˜› I guess November just whizzed by like this when you start off November tying up loose ends here & there, and getting ready for trip. Then my 13/14 … Continue reading Where Did November Go?

Freestyle – Y (Please Tell Me Why)

Have been taking a break from dramas throughout the week ...... and catching up on some 1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) Season 3 episodes on Youtube. Particularly the Struggling Friend Special which totally cracked me up πŸ˜› It was also from this same special that I found an old school KPop/Hip Hop band rediscovered - … Continue reading Freestyle – Y (Please Tell Me Why)

K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

Taking a break from travel blogging and posting a music-related entry instead (whilst going through discussion agenda for tommorrow's 'very important' meeting) ..... Have been pretty much out of touch with KPop happenings as the Hallyu Wave enters into a consolidation period. As mentioned, was preparing and going through tomorrow's discussion agenda, and decided to … Continue reading K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

2011 Round Up Entry: Music 1 – Concerts

Start of my 2011 round up entries (as per previous blog) ...... Great year of concerts and KPop! 2011 is the year that I got myself back into KPop on a more intensive basis (fuelled in part by the global Hallyu wave that has extended to KPop as well) ..... Youtube aside, got down to … Continue reading 2011 Round Up Entry: Music 1 – Concerts

Hello October .. Random JPop Rant .. And Roly Poly

Back home after October began with heavy rain 1st thing in the morning which was perfect weather to snuggle in bed ...but fat hope! Had a early morning work/business appointment with closed case to start off this quarter πŸ™‚ ...... pushed myself and made it for afternoon spin at Raffles gym ...... and resting my … Continue reading Hello October .. Random JPop Rant .. And Roly Poly